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This group is dedicated to the fearsome...the powerful...the almighty...Storm King!

The iron-fisted and dry-humored ruler of the lands south of Equestria, the main antagonist of the MLP film, and the driving force behind the invasion of Equestria.

Seriously, this guy deserves so much more than what he already has. He’s such an interesting and significant villain! And there’s very much something about him that can give Nightmare Moon and Daybreaker a run for their money.

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Was I not here before? (Or did I just leave during a big depression/low self-esteem flare-up?)

Thanks for inviting me.

I'm the 150th member. Hello, Storm King. Let's see what awesome stories I can find.

Thank you for the invite!

I'm totally into this group. I actually like the Storm King more than a lot of others do, though I think it comes down to Liev Screiber's performance and the characterization of him in the prequel comic.

They weren't gonna bring him back in the show anyway, so I'm personally satisfied they ended it like a classic Disney movie, we don't get enough of those anymore and more proof FiM is no more afraid to do that than G1.

Well, I wanted to keep myself open for keeping ya. It’s gonna take more than just a month of absence for me to let you go.

I'm surprised that you kept me as an administrator for this group

Well, since that I am currently writing stories about The Storm King being a good guy (believe it or not) along with me being invited, how could I not join this group.

Welp! Too bad he died at the end of the movie. But in the project i'm making, he comes back. Yes it's an actual game i'm making. Well more of a modded minecraft project, but yeah.

This guy totally needs a bigger role:scootangel:!

Meh. I just joined this group for the heck of it. I'm indifferent about the Storm King in general. Sorry.

Would you like to read this story I made:

EA King’s Grand Entrance
We all know what’s been going on with the Main 6 and Tempest while they were away from Equestria. But, the biggest questions would be: What happened while they were gone? What could the Storm King have done while he took up residence in Equestria?
A Man Undercover · 4.6k words  ·  76  26 · 2.6k views

It’s a midquel to the MLP Movie that focuses on the Storm King’s arrival to Canterlot.

I really like Tempest, though. And, did anyone else feel a vibe like the King could've been a fall guy or somethin?

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