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This group is dedicated to the smallest and chubbiest MLP movie character: Grubber. The comic-relief sidekick of Tempest and minion of the Storm King, as well as a breaker of tension and ice.

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I mean he is a nice guy if only he had someway to be decsent with his comedy.

Shoot! I just realized Grubber is to Tempest what Spike is to Twilight. Only Grubber is a lot dumber.

In one of the movie's inspired books The Great Princess Caper, Grubber ends up redeeming himself when Tempest apologizes to him for not treating him like a friend. In the movie's credit, he and the Storm Guards reform and dance with the ponies.

Grubber needs more love from this fandom.

Here I am! Does Grubber get reformed?

Now we have a triumvirate of groups for the big three baddies of the movie.

Grubber was kind of hit-or-miss in the movie in regards to comedy, but when he had a good joke, he absolutely nailed it.

You’re welcome.

A hedgehog-type of creature, I believe.

Exactly what animal is he? I know the Storm king and his soldiers were Yetis, but he's too small for that. What kind of animal is Grubber?

He's adorable <3

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