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I am over 50, married, and have a pre-teen daughter. I love Disney, MLP, the Beatles "Yellow Submarine", and Harry Potter. I think Alan Rickman was the sexiest actor ever!

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MLP:FiM Fan Fiction: Stories That Moved Me · 5:17pm June 23rd

I have been thinking of making this list for a while. There are stories that made me laugh out loud and some that made me cry ugly. Others made me think or introduced me to other view points. Here, I am listing the stories that moved me to tears.

Here they are in no particular order:

1) Wanderlust by Captain Wuzz.

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You are welcome. I love the stories about Thorax. I hope you include Thorax's unexpected friendship with Ember. I do ship them but I feel they compliment each other in managing styles.

Thanks for favoriting more stories! :twilightsheepish:

You're welcome. It is a good story!

Thanks for favoriting my story! :twilightsmile:

Take your time. No need to rush.

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