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I am over 50, married, and have a pre-teen daughter. I love Disney, MLP, the Beatles "Yellow Submarine", and Harry Potter. I think Alan Rickman was the sexiest actor ever!

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This story is a sequel to The Chaotic Three: A Zany Story

Cinnamon Roll, the adopted daughter of Applejack and Spike, is elated! Her Very Special Some-Griffon, Gulliand, has popped the question... and asked for her help to fulfill his dream of establishing a restaurant in Griffonstone! With a grant from the Royal Sisters, they work to make Gulliand's dream come true. Despite objections from both families, two disgruntled Griffon scone bakers, and a growing mountain of debt the two manage to persevere. But when Gulliand is forced to choose between Cinnamon Roll and his dream...will it all come crashing down? Or will true love prevail?

This is a sequel/side story to "The Chaotic Three: a Zany Story" which is set in Disneyfanatic's "Daughter of Discord" universe. Cinnamon Roll, Cinnamon Stick, Applespike, Zany, Jewel, and Twinkle all belong to DF. Gulliand the Griffon is my own creation.

Sex is for mild innuendo and deep kissing.

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Pinkie Pie has made a cookie replica of Ponyville for Sugarcube Corner's window display for the holidays. It has everything, including a little pony made out of gingerbread. When Discord brings the pony to life, it escapes and it is up the Mane Six and Spike to bring him back alive and uneaten.
So "Watch me gallop, watch me bolt! You can't catch me, I'm the Gingerbread Colt!"

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This is a One Shot my daughter wrote and asked me to publish for her.

Screwball wonders what became of the Elements of Harmony. She finds out when her friend Mothball accidentally awakens them. They choose Screwball and her school friends to be the new bearers of the Elements. And just in time, too, for Nightmare Moon has just taken a new pony body and is ready to attack Equestria.

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Rarity's youngest daughter Jewel is a very successful high society fashion model in Manehattan. However, fame and fortune come at a price the teenage Unicorn is not willing to pay. After a brief visit home and reuniting with her two best friends, Zany and Applespike, Jewel realizes that Ponyville is where she belongs; with her family and her one true love.
Standing in her way is her powerful, bullying manager with an iron-clad contract that could ruin her and her family. Can the Chaotic Three, with the help of Twinkle Sparkle, save the day?
This story contains characters found in Disneyfanatic's Daughter of Discord series. Though this story contains these characters and takes place in the DoD Universe, it is NOT a sequel.
Cover Art is by LCpegasister75 (wish I could draw MLP this good!)

Chapters (21)
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