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Welcome to the DisneyFanatic23 fan group! This is dedicated to the brilliant author of Bride of Discord, among other works.

So basically, if you enjoy DF23's works, join. If not, don't hate on this page. I hope you enjoy!
The original fan group!

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Hi I’m new and I’m writing my own granddaughter of discord

You forgot to add Precious Blood! It's one of the best vampony stories I've read.

Hi I'm new i have a request can you add a folder for fan dod stories i think it is a good idea but it's your choice have a nice day

Hi ArtistFire12 please follow me if you want to read my stories

Comment posted by PSPsky deleted Mar 2nd, 2017

Well, Bride of discord made me tear up when I heard it on YouTube :twilightblush:, and I enjoyed reading that whole series! I'll have to reread it, because all I remember right now is liking it, and great shipping. But still, I do remember that she is a fantastic author. So I have joined the Fan Group!

Yea, I joined this group, but just to let everyone know, my catchphrase is:

Don't like it, get over it.

another group i will never be able to add any fics to

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