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I'm just a weirdo. I like to write one-shots and multi-chapter stories. I'll make more stories in the future.

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Stories being made · 12:36pm February 2nd

If anyone is wondering, I'm writing my stories. Right now I've started to write an another one, which will be an another multi-chapter story. It's going to include Starlight (the only thing I'm telling about it now). But I've already wrote some chapters of it, and will release it as soon as I re-read it and edit it.
For the Cozy sequel fanfiction, it might come out late, but I'm starting to work on it. It'll be a multi-chapter one aswell, but longer, yet less chapters.

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No problem. It's a very enjoyable story to read.

Also thanks for adding Cards Against Starlight to your tracking!

Thanks for the follow!

You're welcome :raritywink:

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