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Hello, I am a graphic designer who enjoys MLP. Drawing, writing, and proofreading are the main things I like to share with others.

Stuff that I do

Writing pony words.

Graphic Designer for Equestria Publications, creators of the Past Sins book.

Some MLP vectors and other graphic designs on Deviantart

Proofreader for MLP fanfics.


Progress Update · 3:36am 13 hours ago

I've been bogged down by work since Derpy's Reward was released, and things are probably going to stay like this for about another week. There also has not been any actual writing since then, except some more planning out for the second part of Derpy's Reward. When I do get some more time, I'll start writing out the next chapter for Rainbooms On the Mind first

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To-Do List and Progress Report

Things I am Currently Working On
Proofreading Under the Sun's Wings by Foxy Kimchi (On hold)
Proofreading Enter Nurse Luna by Foxy Kimchi (On hold)
Proofreading Burning Dreams by Twilight-the-Pony. (On hold)
Finish Rainbooms On the Mind
Finish second part for Derpy's Reward

Progress Report
12/8/17: Posted new story, Derpy's Reward

11/29/17: Roughed out most of a new short story.

11/24/17: Started roughing out a new short story.

First of Their Kind Shippings

  • Fiddling with Her Heart Octavia is one of the most renowned musicians in Equestria, and yet she feels something is missing in her music. A seemingly normal trip to Ponyville changes everything when she hears the sound of a fiddle coming from the apple orchards. by Kevinltk 169,489 words · 3,759 views · 275 likes · 9 dislikes
  • A Change In Fashion A changeling finds love in the world of fashion modeling. by Kevinltk 205,246 words · 5,801 views · 656 likes · 15 dislikes
  • Rainbooms On the Mind Despite only winning third place in the aerial relay race of the Equestria Games, Natalya, fastest griffon in Griffonstone, can not forget the incredible speed of a pegasus named Rainbow Dash. And it bothers her. by Kevinltk 109,194 words · 1,131 views · 68 likes · 4 dislikes

Stories that I have Proofread

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Thanks for the favorite on Dusk Shine's Saga! :twilightsmile:

2318086 ok Take your time we be waiting.

I do plan to write more cuddles, but at the moment, I'm busy with other projects.

Hello. When is the next cuddle story coming:raritywink:

Your stalking is much appreciated.

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