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Hello, I am a graphic designer who enjoys MLP. Drawing, writing, and proofreading are the main things I like to share with others.

Stuff that I do

Writing pony words.

Graphic Designer for Equestria Publications, creators of the Past Sins book.

Some MLP vectors and other graphic designs on Deviantart

Proofreader for MLP fanfics.


June Update · 10:19pm June 14th

Newest chapter of Rainbooms On the Mind is now up. Has it already been six months since the last update? Anyway, with that out of the way, I have to catch up on my non-pony commissions, but after that, I will move on to the third and final chapter for Derpy's Reward.

So sorry for making everyone wait on not one, but two fics. I'll try and word faster.

To-Do List and Progress Report

Stories that I have Proofread

Latest Stories

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Thanks for the favorite on Dusk Shine's Saga! :twilightsmile:

2318086 ok Take your time we be waiting.

I do plan to write more cuddles, but at the moment, I'm busy with other projects.

Hello. When is the next cuddle story coming:raritywink:

Your stalking is much appreciated.

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