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Hello, I am a graphic designer who enjoys MLP. Drawing, writing, and proofreading are the main things I like to share with others.


Contains Movie Spoilers

Derpy arrived home after yet another long, grueling day at the post office, wanting nothing more than to unwind with a nice cup of tea and some muffins.

She never would have expected Twilight Sparkle to interrupt her rest, nor did she expect the events to follow when the Princess of Friendship wanted to talk about a deed that had gone unnoticed.

Cover art by FluffyXai and used with permission.

Top featured on 12/8/17

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Well, here's a ship I never expected... Still, great work!

8598170 I've seen the Twilight-Derpy ship in a couple of Taelea's (now NIghtsong Writes) stories, so I think it's kinda cool.

A new DerpLight fic! Featuring all of the adorbs!

This story actually had me weeping tears of joy because Derpy was finally recognized by someone else for something other than being at clutchy accident-prone pegasus with misaligned eyes. For once they weren't making fun of her for her flaws, and calling her all kinds of awful names.

I support this ship surprisingly, this and Sci-Twi + Sunset Shimmer, ONLY THEY ARE THE TRUE TWILIGHT SHIPS!

this was a sweet little story, very touching and adorable - I'd love to see a follow-up at some point

This was such a sweet, warm and fun story to read! I think Derpy is just adorable and shipping her and Twilight just fits so well. I really enjoyed how you had them talk about how nervous they each were and why they liked each other. I hope you write a sequel soon!

If you liked this ship, I greatly recommend reading Address Unknown by remedy if you haven't already. It was written back during Season 2, but it still is the best story for this ship on this site.

Thanks, I'll check it out and read it when I get the chance.

8598404 Thanks for the tip; I'll read it in a day or two.

Silly that's not how you spell TwiDash

This is just so cute and lovely. Glad i read this.

I also like how you ensure that it wasn't actually Rainbow that saved Twilight although the movie shows otherwise.

Finally! Someone writes a Derpy story following the aftermath of the Storm King invasion! This was very cute & worth the read. I was quite surprised that Derpy asked for a date from Twilight, instead of becoming the Princess of Muffins, but then again that would be unoriginal. Excellent job :twilightsmile:

Just because her life is a bit more challenging, doesn't mean that she can't do great stuff as well.

If I do get the time to write more for this, it will be another chapter to this fic, and it will likely be about the date.

When the crystallizing ball was heading for Twilight, you can actually see Derpy running towards her from the side.

8598583 Exactly my point. As a someone who is disabled, and has to deal with such challenges in real life, I understand what Derps has to endure, and how it makes her feel sad at times. Though she is certainly a better pony than I for being able to manetain such a positive attitude about it, and cheeful outlook on life, even in the face of such adversity.

What an awesome story, I sure do live seeing unusual ships like this, it's refreshing after reading the same thing over and over again. And now that you've suggested you might, I don't know if I could ever forgive you for not writing a follow up chapter, this idea is just too good to leave alone!

I noticed a couple of errors here and there, but nothing too bad, and nothing that I want to go back and look for due to the size of the chapter, not that the size is bad, it would just be exhausting to go find aforementioned errors. Also...

But everything changed when the Storm King attacked.

Did you think you could slip an Avatar the Last Airbender reference past me? Cause I'll have you know that until it got near the end, this was the highlight of the story for me, and even compelled me to write this little thing...

"Fire." (Don't judge me, coming up with things is hard...)

"Long ago, the four elements lived in harmony, then everything changed when The Storm King attacked. Only the alicorn, master of all four elements could stop him. But when the world needed her most, she vanished. 100 years passed, and my sister and I discovered the new alicorn, a flight user named Twilight (I know, I know, Twilight would use magic, but I'm keeping up with a AtLB stuff here...) And although her flight abilities are great, she has a lot to learn before she's ready to save anyone. distant oof in the background. But I believe, Twilight can save Equestria."

And... There's that, anyway, I other stuff to go do, unfortunately I can't make this comment go on forever :raritycry: Until next I you! Or you reply to this comment and I probably reply back... :twilightsheepish:

I haven't even read this yet and I already approve. What sorcery be dis?!!

*gets down to readin'*

I remember that part of the movie. When Derpy ran towards Twilight, and yelled her name...

I was wondering when someone else would post a comment or story about that.

โ€œItโ€™s a special blend she made for me. Itโ€™s supposed to help with my eyes.โ€


That was Rainbow yelling, actually.

In a way, you helped saved Equestria.

Yeah, fixed.

Now, where is Dinky during all of this??!!

Hay Milk maneuver.


Well, Dinky can be very proud of her mother.


It's a nice story. My only criticism is that it feels a bit... unfocused, I guess? Like the narrative and dialogue could be more streamlined, if that makes sense. You also have some odd grammar errors here and there, though nothing big.


"Haymlich" would actually have been sufficient by most horse-pun standards.

Right right, I know, I'm picking nits and this really has nothing to do with the story, but I offer this as a discussion point-

As much as I want to credit Derpy for saving Twilight...I don't think she did. I think she was just spooked (like the rest of the population) and happened to be galloping towards Twilight - Dash saved Twilight, by pushing her out of the way of the blow before it hit, and Derpy happened to be struck. The Dash part definitely happened so I would credit the ultimate 'save' to her, but the question remains...was Derpy also trying to save Twi, or was it just a question of right place, right time?

Right, I know, hush, nothing to do with the story and interpretation is just that. I promise I'll read this later when I have some time - congrats on the top billing! :twilightsmile:

It had to be a date because shipping is the only thing I'm decent at. :pinkiecrazy:

Some errors had been fixed. Also, have a reply.

I know that Dinky is often seen with Derpy, but I don't think I could've worked her in without spending a lot more time and effort.


Some errors were fixed. As for the unfocused part, I tried to have Derpy and Twilight be nervous, so they end up dancing around the subject a bunch. Perhaps I overdid it a bit.

It could go either way. There's not enough evidence to give any concrete explanation about what Derpy was doing. It just gives writers the chance to fill in the blanks.

I want a sequel that follows their date :pinkiehappy:

Crap... Now what do I do? Your reply answered none of my implied questions... Like, was that really an AtAB reference, or just a coincidence? And how bout the question of are you actually planning on writing a follow up chapter, or am I going to be forever disappointed waiting for one?

Ha, I didn't think it could be done, but I did it, I replied to a reply just saying to have a reply...

Given the popularity, I will be writing up the date scene. I just have to find the time first.

Sorry. I had a long night and derped on your reply. Yes, it was an Avatar reference, or more specifically, the meme. As for the sequel, yes, I do plan on making it, given the popularity this story has gotten. I just need to find time for it first.

:rainbowlaugh: oh my god that just turned one of the dumbest commercials ever, into one of the greatest things I've ever seen! ๐Ÿ˜‚

Part 2 please!

This was a pretty nice story and I enjoyed it, another shipping story I guess I mean don't ask me to define genres
But I would like to see the actual date of course and it would be more of a romantic thing than this
But I would like to point out a few things that were just you (the author) writing them up and doing the things to bring your story to others:
The dialogue seemed rather stilted, as if they were said as a part of narration, and it didn't seem like it would fully come out of a characters mouth. The use of stuttering was just a bit overused and felt a tad unrealistic - like, instead of that, use something like swapping between half started words.
In any case don't let this get you in any negative way I don't want to be rude but I like it anyway yeah hoping for a next chapter

Nice. Read the comments to see if you said you'd be doing the date. I hope you have the time soon. WE NEED TO SEE THE DATE!

I SHIP IT!! Also part 2 please.. please!

This is adorable and I love it.

EEEEEEE! Yesyesyesyes! Have all my Yes! *advances slowly, eye twitching and with a manic shipper grin* I need moar!!!

Part 2 is in the planning stages now.

The date chapter will be coming eventually. Thanks for the feedback; I'll try and remember them the next time I deal with nervous ponies.

Right, I know. As I say, there's always room for interpretation. I brought up the Derpy bit in the movie in one of my own fics too recently, just I took it down the other route :twilightsmile:

Thank goodness that Iโ€™ve read up on the Hay Milk maneuver.


You should've just stuck with Heimlich Maneuver. Not everything needs to be pony-pun.

Especially when it's a bad pony-pun.


This is a very sweet story! Excellent job! :twilightsmile:

But everything changed when the Storm King attacked.

"But everything chnaged when the Fire Nation attacked."
Ooooh, I see what you did there. ;)

I love this! It's so cute!

There's not enough of this Ship, and I really love it. Thank you for making such an adorable story! Can we have a continuation?

Very well written, and I love this ship please continue it. :twilightsmile:

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