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On the day of the Friendship Games, the veil between two worlds is pierced. The magic of Equestria seeps through the barrier to permeate the world of humanity. Entities begin to come into existence. Lore and legend are gaining flesh, bone, and blood, yielding things both wondrous and horrible. Magic is powerful, but a limited resource. If the world at large discovers its existence, Equestria will become a target.

Thus, seven friends agree to keep the secret, but some things will not be hidden away.

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Huzzah, it's out!

EQG magic-handling task force? Oh yeah, I can get into this.

Regarding Flutters, I'm reminded of this little art:

Woohoo! It's out! Great job on this, Pen Stroke, and a tip of the hat to everyone else who is assisting along the way. Nice job, everyone. :)

Judging by the cover: Batman decides Sunset Shimmer is too dangerous and sets out to silence her... permanently.

Any Friendship Games spoilers? Because I haven't been able to see that movie yet.


This is set and is based off the events of Friendship Games. Thus, I have to say that it is likely spoilers.

6587627 Judging by the cover and the title: Batman and Buffy team up against Sunset Shimmer.

...wait, no.

Princess Celestia's students acquire the power of the Slayer on Earth. Sunset thinks Batman is a vampire. They each try to one-up each other's banter for 32 chapters.

6587651 I don't know, but I like your hat.

Well, color me hooked and wanting more of this. So far, the thing is pretty straight forward, there are monsters coming up in the human world, and the humane-seven are on the case (assuming that this is SciTwi, not Princess Twilight).

The bit of background about Fluttershy's vampirism is just enough to get the picture. Yeouch! :fluttercry:

One thing though, and this is just a nitpick. Why write "Japan/Japanese" when there's the largely accepted "Neighpon/Neighponese" headcanon? IDK, reading "Japan" in a story clearly set in the Equestria Girls universe just seems out of place to me.

Anyway. On to the next chapter.


Well, we don't know how the nations of Equestria Girls are laid out, or if they follow the pony puns as well as the world in which Equestria resides. "Neighpon/Neighponese" would surely work for Equestria's world, and I would likely use that, but applying that pun-level of the human world, where Canterlot is a high school/city, seems a bit strange to me.

Yay! Glad to see this posted. :pinkiesmile:

Oh, this is off to an excellent start.

I only have one problem. I had similar ideas! Not identical, mind, but similar! WHY MUST THIS HAPPEN?! GET OUT OF MY HEAD!

Ahem. Anyway, carry on.

is there a sign up sheet. Magic or no I want to help any way I can even if its just as a spotter or scout. Hell i';; even take the role of errand boy if it means I can help even a little. This 'Dracula' though is one dead bastard:pinkiecrazy:


Omg this is so cool! Looking forward to more :D

Entering a building to hunt dracula?
Let's get the joke out the way.

I get the distinct feeling that the final item in Sunset's kit is some sort of projectile weapon, most likely a taser. Here's hoping that they ain't too late to help.

Cliffhanger-suspense! Bloody 'ell, Lad, ye done it again. I be on th' edge o' m' seat, teet'rin' on m' hooves in anticipation. Bring on th' next chapt'r, Lad! :pinkiecrazy:

6588178 or a mother-bucking gun :pinkiecrazy:

Although it'd be hard to fit any worthwhile projectile weapon into the chest pocket of a jacket; especially when said weapon is still in its case.

Seven friends? Twilight and Spike come in a pair, so that would mean eight, unless everything my first-grade teacher told me was wrong.

Oh, I keep forgetting Spike never counts because he doesn't have any fucking friends.

Well, I was hooked by paragraph one. This is going to be amazing.


I debated making it eight, but the thing about Spike is this. Keeping his own secret that he's now a talking dog falls in line with keeping the secret of magic. He didn't have to agree to help, per say. But he does play a strong roll in the story, even if you disagree with the usage of a number in the description.

This seriously feels like I'm reading anime right now. I am absolutely in love with this world you've built up!

This story better not end without the girls driving around in a jet-black 1967 Chevy Impala at least once, :trixieshiftright:

Mr. Chord

Well, he is obviously a Ukrainian sous chef. Nothing else. Nope.

"I do not drink... cider." :rainbowderp:

So that's the EqG explnation for Flutterbat?

Well, this is an interesting idea, if nothing else!

Well this is certainly awesome. Have a yummy and nutritious upvote :raritystarry:

Well...this is definitely interesting. I'll track it, but I'm holding off on the upvote until I read the next chapter right after this comment.

I don't believe I've seen anything done like this for the Equestria Girls universe. Maybe with beings from Equestria itself, but not magic manifesting into creatures of legend. I know that those Japanese ones made me feel a little green when I looked them up. :pinkiesick:

I might truly enjoy this story! But for now, on to the only other chapter available right now. Keep a good pace while making this! I'd hate to see someone burn out on something so unique. :twilightsmile:

This is starting off great. Lots of suspense and awesomeness. I can already tell this is going to end up being one of my favorite stories on the site.

Reading this, I have somewhat of a Ghostbusters/Pacific Rim form of vibe, how they classify the monsters they hunt and the way they capture them.

This deserves my favorite :ajsmug:

Well, definitely a darker take on the Equestria Girls world. At least Sunset isn't too obsessed over her first bringing magic to their world, instead they're more worried about Flutterbat. Interesting mix of Ghostbuster elements (don't look at the trap!) and school magic adventures.

Interested in seeing where this goes, how long this story/arc will last. They're dealing with the symptoms (the entities) wonder if there's any progress on repairing the wall between worlds.

6588178 I think it's a dagger.Or something different that can be used to stab someone/something. But I still think dagger is most possible. Useless it's a revolver.

Pen Stroke this story is amazing!:pinkiehappy: I was searching for something like that for a darn long time! Well done, but I hope the new chapters will be here soon for I can't stand cliffhangers. I am scared of cliffhangers...

6588584 The cider is the life... umm, if you don't mind.

Spike, after all, was now intelligent enough to figure out the toilet, though it had taken a few tries to master positioning himself on the seat without falling in.

Some people actually train their pets to do that. It's...weird.

Sunset then glanced at the clock and saw soon would be starting soon.

I believe that should be school.

She opened it and thumb through its contents.


I don't know how, but I ended up stopping in the beginning to switch to watching the Luigi Death Stare video. Seriously, what the fuck, me? :rainbowhuh: Anyways, upvote earned.

this reminds me of moster buster club. I love it!!! :pinkiehappy:

Spike in EqG is a talking dog. Even talking, he's a pet. I don't think he'd be any good hunting monsters.

It could be a silver stake actually- Silver is known to be a purifying agent and many creatures of the more malicious nature tend to be adversely affected by it in the many mythos of the past.

Okay, I normally avoid Dark tagged stories because they have a tendency to get darker than I like, but this one caught my eye and now I'm hooked.

Very good story so far and you have my attention. Still waiting for them to call themselves the librarians.

Well it appears I have a worthy rival! I turned these seven into Power Rangers in my story, and you turn them into Ghostbusters/Demon Hunters! I will keep track of this story...
...Simply because it is glorious! I wish i had thought of it honestly. I must know more!

When it came to Fluttershy at first I was like "Oh come on really. Magic pops up and she turns into vampire!" then I kept reading then I was like "Oh okay that is an acceptable reason this"

I've been wanting a story like this ever since the second movie. I like the thought of Equestrian magic starting to seep into the human world and begin to wreak havoc. Though I was hoping for more human government involvement instead of, "We can't let them know or we'll be swimming in anal probes" but this is good enough.

Keep going. and please be quick because the other fanfics I've been following haven't updated.

multiple mentions of The Library?
did you watch the movies and/or do watch the show The Librarians?

*takes deep breath* *soaks in the awesome* *breaths out*

Yes, this is great. Very good. This story is quite suspenseful. Please come out with more.

Huh i havent read this yet but im getting a buffy vibe from this does anypony else?

Just needs flash sentry as a certain emo angsty pretty boi as a vampire with a soul.........
God i wish that show was still on

Pen Stroke, author of my most favorite pony fic ever Past Sins, writing a story starring Sunset Shimmer with Urban Fantasy elements!
Now that is how you get my attention!
A++. Keep up the great work Pen Stroke!

Yes I am getting a Buffy vibe from this, and it's glorious!

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