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Inspired by Rainbow Pony Rangers.

The Rainbooms have a contract deal, have saved the world as magical girls, and life is good. But when an evil from Equestria seeks revenge on this world...It's Morphin' Time.

Story co-written by Shadow-DJ

Spin Off: Kamen Rider Great Illusionist

Also on Spacebattles and Sufficient Velocity.

Chapters (27)
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Comments ( 295 )

I was just thinking of something like this.
only in poni mode.

"Derpy, Sombra has escaped! Recruit a group of teenage girls with attitude."

Also, upvoting just to see how it will develop.

Celestia: "Twilight, Evil forces have risen in the human world. Recruit a group of teenagers with attitude."
They've got, a power and a force that you've never seen before,
they've got, the ability to morph and to even up the score.
No one will ever bring them down,
the power lies on their side.
go go harmonyrangers
go go harmonyrangers
go go harmonyrangers
you rainbow sentai harmonyrangers
(Damn, that was bad.)

Nightmare Moon? She's gone! she was destroyed and Luna was released, you have a big plot hole, Chrysalis would've fit much better.

You have my interest, the police response to the robot batlle was funny, the rangers normally dont have to deal with that. :rainbowlaugh:

5301157 I do have a plan you know. Besides that, Chrysalis is unlikely to get access to the portal. Nightmare however was defeated twice (i count the comics) yes, but was also a being of smoke and illusion. If she happened to still be attached to Rarity in someway when the opening of Equestria Girls one happened, she could have slipped through and just recently gained enough power to do something. Also because of Luna, she is connected to Dreams and Dreams supposedly transcend time and space, which would allow her to influence/possess someone on the EG side. Just to be clear, it isn't Vice-Principal Luna. EG Luna was 'Nightmare Moon' in her goth/non-conformist/rebel phase during her high school years. This is actually the Queen of Eternal Night.

And a bit of a spoiler, most monsters will be based on conflicts from S1 MLP so the Humane5/Rangers can get the character development they desperately need. So please, trust the guy writing to story to have an idea of what he'r doing, even if it doesn't make sense at first.

5301266 The Power Rangers a tv show here, like our world. What would you expect from the police if there was a giant monster/robot fight in a world where that doesn't happen. In a lot of ways, this is Mighty Morphin'. Enemy who had been trapped on the moon: check. Five teens with attitude (just look at Human Dash): check. Technology vs magic, to quote Linkara: check. Sunset has now set a precedent of Power Rangers on her Earth based on Super Sentai/Power Rangers she may have seen since becoming good.

Question: will there be a sixth ranger?

5303072 Yes, from The beginning I planned on Sunset Shimmer becoming the sixth ranger. However I'm also trying to make Twilight into a ranger for a team of seven, but that won't be until after Sunset has been a ranger for a while.

Well, this was really well made actually. You put a lot of thought into this. Normally I find Power Ranger/MLP crossovers to be shoddy at best, but this was actually well put together. I'm following this.

Ooh, this was a good episode. It's interesting with people knowing that they're power rangers.

I also like how your not basing the rangers themselves on any existing ranger series. This feels like a real power ranger series. Can't wait for the next chapter/episode.

5303342 Spoilers sweetie :raritywink: Oh well. But I'm lookin' forward to Sunset being the... What color is she gonna be???

5304117 I' okay giving small spoilers like team colors. When Sunset does morph she will be the Gold Ranger.
5303997 Thanks. I've wanted to do a crossover for a while, but Rainbow Rocks gave me a better setting.
5304054 I figured that a news camera would be at the scene and see them morph, so secret identities were impossible. I've kind of based them on multiple teams, but I'm making episodes based on MLP episodes so the Rangers get similar character development to their pony counterparts.

5304415 I know that if the creator spoils things then they're probably ok with it. I just wanted to bust out my favorite Doctor Who quote.

5304415 In my concept for "Power Rangers Harmony" (which is basically me retelling certain MLP episodes, as well as telling my own story, as if it were a 40-episode season of Power Rangers, but with the pony characters and actually starting out with a team of 6 with Shining Armor being the 7th Ranger but having a typical Sixth Ranger introductory arc), their identities aren't secret to the general public, but there are specific ponies that don't know who they actually are at first, but tend to find out pretty quickly.

5313402 I just didn't think I could reasonably have them with secret identities even if news cameras hadn't caught them morphing. Five teenage girls with a rainbow theme and weapons based on rock instruments? Yeah, Trixie at the very least would point that out because you know, she was shown up at the Battle of the Bands, even though she legitimately won.


Yeah, Trixie at the very least would point that out because you know, she was shown up at the Battle of the Bands, even though she legitimately won.

...I still haven't seen the movie... Plus, with Trixie's track record, I have difficulty believing that she "legitimately won."

Hmm... you've got quite a few typos here and there, but overall I'm very interested.

5315987 Pony Trixie's maybe, but human Trixie doesn't have that reputation. It looks like she's just a large ham on Brian Blessed levels. In the movie, she was cheated out of the finals for the band competition by the Dazzlings so the main cast would be there, then Trixie trapped them so they couldn't perform, then evil plan and defeat of villains and Trixie is overshadowed. She was the only band that compared to main characters and villains, and earned her spot in the finals to be excluded for "plot progression." She's peeved.

I must admit, it'd be cool if we could have seen some of the other battles.

Also, nice touch with Trixie. Since the identities are already known, she's instead trying to figure out where they got their tech from.

Also, "Lone Ranger" is a clever reference. Remember my own MLP/PR crossover story I told you about, where it would actually start out with the mane six together (well, technically the other five would have already been a team for a while, but Twilight joins in the first "episode") and Shining Armor becomes the seventh member, but with a typical Sixth Ranger introductory arc? Well, he's going to be Harmony Silver, and his debut in that form is going to be called "Hi Ho, Silver."

5325892 I'll need to favorite yours. Anyway this is the required, "Ranger loses confidence and has to win it back and remember they are part of a team episode." I think Gokaiger/Super Megaforce had it as the third episode, so I figured an altered 'Applebuck Season' was the best option.

Sunset's Ranger introduction will be "Good as Gold" and will explain a bit of how Nightmare Moon is on earth. For now though, the next episode is my take on "Giffon the Brush Off" and focuses on my Red Ranger: Rainbow Dash.

5325971 Super Megaforce had it as its third episode, but the equivalent Gokaiger episode was the fourth episode.

And I'm still working things out in terms of the designs for the weapons and Zords for my story.

I agree that it would be great to see some of these other fights, but this was still a great episode. Still feels like Power Rangers.

But if you want a reference of a good Power Ranger show, Super Megaforce is NOT the one. Go with the original, Time Force (my all time favorite) or RPM (my second favorite).

5330585 Look at my fight scenes... I couldn't make them actually entertaining. I'm actually bad at this and am amazed at the 10-2 likes. I used Super Megaforce because I saw Gokaiger recently and Super Megaforce is more recent in memory, but I agree that Time Force was way better.

5330630 You're fight scenes aren't bad. If you want a tip to write better fight scenes, first you want to actually see what the fight scene will look like. Then once you can fully visualize it, just write what you see. If you check out my story Ultramare I think you'll get a good idea of fight scenes that are detailed.

Also, do you have a Netflix account? Because if you do, you can watch EVERY Power Ranger series on the website. That's how I watched Time Force recently.

This feels like Jungle Fury, We get a weapon for the Megazord and it's a green mace. what's next, fans or sabers?

5365231 I've never really watched Jungle Fury all the way through, the costumes bothered me too much. But if I recall those were the weapons they got from the Spirit Rangers/Dead Masters and were not used by the Zords but the Rangers themselves. I was thinking more along the lines of Ninja Storm's weapon disks that summoned the spheres that held the weapons.

So far this was the best episode you've done. Dramatic, dark, you could show Haim Saban a thing or two.

5366688 Yes, they got the weapons from the Masters (Still Alive), but they were able to use them while in the Jungle Pride Megazord by summoning the spirit Zords that went with the weapons. You really didn't watch it did you?

What are you gonna do for the crossover episode? Every Ranger group has one, I recommend Super Megaforce, including Orion.

5366846 Thanks. I doubt I can keep up this kind of storytelling though. This and finals is what kept this one from being done on Friday/Saturday like usual.
5367083 Do you see a full team yet? Sunset's not Gold yet and EG!Twilight was just introduced, the team up won't be for a while. However I will not be teaming up with the actual Power Ranger teams, after all this Equestria Girls is like our world so it's fiction. I also won't be using another author's team. Imagine the Halloween Buffy episode at a Power Ranger convention, that's how I'm doing this team up.

5367271 Hey, don't put too much pressure on yourself. You need to upload on your time where it's comfortable for you.

5366846 Indeed, Gilda's personality definately came across well, as did Dash's loyalty to her old friend despite everything that happened to her.

5366846 Yeah, this one honestly feels likes something from the Judd Lynn era (so glad that man's coming back for Dino Charge).

5367271 Never seen Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Suave and British...not a clue, possibly Discord or his equivalent but that might be a streatch.

Also Sunset Shimmmer should probably find those plans before someone else does and decides to pull a Trixie.

Hm... that voice in the end... I think it might be Discord, but I don't think he's british...

Either way, great take on Boast Busters. I hope no one else builds a morpher like that though. They lucked out with Trixie, who's just a joke in this story. Since you had a Kamen Rider cameo in this, think you'll have either a Metal Hero or an Ultraman cameo as well? Maybe not an Ultraman...

Ok, not Discord. I can't even fathom how he is the first guess, John DeLancie sound French-Canadian, not British.
5382763 I chose Kamen Rider because it had a crossover with Mighty Morphin and would be easier to recognize from the title.
5373598 no other Sentsi style crossovers besides the crossover chapter. I don't know the ones you listed but I have watched some Kamen Rider.

5383059 The only Kamen Ride I saw was on CW4Kids, Kamen Rider Dragon Knight.

Extremely minor nitpick:
The "ranger" part is usually a portmanteau in super sentai titles. Dairanger, Kakuranger, Hurricaneger, ToQgr (wtf), Shinkenger, Ninninger, etc. "Rainbow Sentai Harmonanger/Harmoranger" fits the mold a bit better.

This chapter had me a bit sad, but then you had Pinkie make things right again, thanks. I read the article on HAE, it's a horrific condition. Glad your mum is doing great.

5398011 Thanks. My mom's condition was at risk of acting up because of her breast cancer surgeries(she's fine, it was caught early) so it's been on my mind. I realized that I had the opportunity to get the word out about the condition and I took it. Pinkie was the only option, cause Laughter is the best medicine.

5398610 Indeed, a good laugh can make you feel loads better.

Back in the Crystal Caves Vinyl stared at the screens in from of her. “Where did those explosions come from!?”

Callushsposions my dear Vinyl you get used to them

you actually gave a legit reason why they always fight in quarrys *slow clap* bravo you magnificent bastard bravo

”Say hello to the Wub Cannon. Lock in your guns and hit him with a wall of Wub!”

Oh it's nothing special it's just MY BASS CANNON!

5383059 Metal Heroes have been made for America have you ever heard of either VR Troopers and Big Bad Beetleborgs?

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