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This story is a sequel to Seven Days in Sunny June, Book V: The New Frontier

Part of the Berylverse Project - edited by Shinzakura, Flynt Coal, Flash Frame, and Whitewolf Stormrunner.

Equestria has weathered a devastating war waged by the monstrous Tirek, emerging victorious but its people and land shattered. As the country continues to pick up the pieces even a year after the centaur’s destruction at the hooves of the Element Bearers, Raspberry Beryl once again finds herself trying to adapt to a new status quo after an unexpected absence of nearly a year – in what was only a few weeks for her in the human world. Embracing the role she was given as Equestria’s appointed Archmagus of Dark Magic – a task she and she alone can only bear due to her ancestry with Sombra, granting her immunity from the corruptive effects of dark magic at the cost of only being able to use dark magic herself – she applies herself to try and help heal the broken world best she can.

But her time back on familiar ground is short before she comes into contact with a dark artifact: the Alicorn Amulet. Unknowingly, she and her friends are thrown into a long dormant plan that could bring about the end of Equestria, a fatal blow to an already crippled country from none other than Sombra himself. To make matters worse, the coronation of the newly ascended Princess Sunset Shimmer is on the horizon and while it will be held in Equestria, the list of invited guests include the first humans who would ever come visit from the human side of the mirror portal. And all along the way, enemies both new and old will challenge the fragile peace of the country.

Yet underneath it all, far more horrifying truths await to be revealed, throwing into question just how much influence the two worlds of ponies and humans have had on each other across time.

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And here we go! (Also not sure if intentional but all the paragraphs in the prologue seem to have an extra space between them)

When I was porting the chapter over, the editor was acting weird with the paragraph spacing. Thanks for pointing this out - thought I'd fixed it but evidently not, I'll try to address it.

Mother Bucker. I wish this guy was still alive so I could geld him myself. And I know nothing on how to do it either.

18 human girls. Well I get the main 5, the 5 sisters, Sunset, Shimmer, Lyra, Bon Bon and Rose but who are the other 2?

5 +5 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 = 15, so there's three girls missing.

Milk, Mint, and Piano Bliss.

Though that leaves out Razz, ironically, so I'll have to doublecheck the notes. Might be an overlooked error since Piano Bliss being around at the time wasn't originally planned.

I really need to break down and read all the pony sides of the universe and then start all the other of lf shoots... You know I think STeven King has less ties in his stories (yes I know this is all one big story I'm speaking brod strokes tearms) oh well these are so much better then a king story any day (way fewer flash backs)

God's no if anything take that flash back idea and just make it a side story I'm sure I'll get to it at some point lol

Dangit, how dare you make me feel bad for Blueblood of all characters (within this universe's context).

Also can't wait to see more of this Trixie.

A Blazing Saddle on 'Mel'low Brook(s)? You get a like just for that.

And ouch, that last bit hurt, quite a lot. What is up with the all these total jack asses in one world having depth and being, at their core, good people in the other?

It's not a universal, as you'll find out. There's good people on both sides and bad on both. Not everyone or everypony is a mirror.

Mellow Brook. It took a moment for the penny to drop, but I was chuckling for a while afterwards.

Oh I know that, it's just funny how many are 'but for the grace of God go I' right now.

King Sigma..... it’s funny, because Sigma got a role in pony :ajsmug:

And the author's notes should say it all. :rainbowlaugh:


Well Sombra’s final revenge is starting. Well wonder just what he has planned and just how bad it will hurt Equestria?

I’ll have to borrow your cellphone when I get a chance, so I can give her a call

Two weeks and Razz has already gone native.

Excellent chapter, as always, Blue.

Looking forward to Chapter 6 next week!

“As much as Ah still hate the bastard fer all the harm he indirectly caused to mah family, in addition to everythin’ else downright evil he did,” grumbled Applejack, “Ah have to hoof it t’ him: he was one crazy-preparedsunuvaharridelle.”

This is why I don't think Sombra gets enough credit, of all the villains he was easily the smartest when you realize how many contingencies he had in place.

On the wall behind Dynamine was what looked like the word PUREHOOVES hastily crossed out with red paint—plans to put up a more appropriate sign for the new tenants was already budgeted.

I see those references! Can't wait to see more of this.


With the other two at the service for Pavane, it left her to be the magical expert of the group, by dint that she was the only unicorn present.

Not sure if that "dint" belongs there.


Not sure if that "dint" belongs there.

No, that's correct. "By dint of" essentially means "because of"


Just how connected is this universe with the one in AAG? Yes I get that the author helps with that universe but I can only see so many references before I start to wonder if they are planning on some major crossover.


The problem become which Sandelwood are we talking about in this universe there are two of them after all?

Oh, he's one of this story's five tagged characters for a reason, and sooner or later you'll find out just how much of a villain he was within the context of the Berylverse.

There's been three Sandalwood characters so far, one pony and two humans

- human high school student Sandalwood (killed during Book IV)
- human navy vet turned police officer who went back to the navy to escape her infatuation with Shining Armor (still alive)
- pony Sandalwood, aromatherapist at the Ponyville spa and local human conspiracy theorist (basically 'DJ Martinez if she was a normal pony within the context of the show')

You only need to be concerned with Pony Sandalwood, since of the other two, one's dead and the other is pretty much removed from the human side narrative. And Pony Sandalwood has been around since the beginning of the BV back with 'A Hairy Problem' so she didn't pop out of a freak thunderstorm and destroy somebody's backyard out of nowhere.

If Sombra was dead, and hopefully he is, I think he would get a beating so severe that crimes against pony kind would be considered light.

Even though it’s in the past, Sombra hopefully will pay for how he murdered and maimed Cocoa Bean. It’s simply abominable what he did.

I like how every part of the prophesy that got told to Sombra came true. Still I wonder just what pony hell is like and what punishments he is suffering?

I think he already crossed it with all the rapes tho

So Chrysalis is as crazy as normal. I wonder if she even understands the concept of good?

“Not really,” answered the younger mare. “I mean, yeah, summer is just leaving and the air is getting slightly colder by like, a degree lower than usual but…” Razz took a deep breath as memories of harder times flooded her mind again. “No offense, Mom, you don’t know the kind of shit I’ve had to live through—believe me, even the author of all those wilderness survival books at least has a special talent in that field. Though, what a cutie mark consisting of a bear drinking yellow fluid out of a bottle has to do with survival is beyond me, but that’s besides the point. The truth is-“

How much time you've spent grilling that joke :ajsmug:?

First of all f:yay: Sombra. I hope he gets a barbed wire wrapped caber shoved up his a:yay: by a jackhammer, repeatedly every day for all eternity.

Secondly Skyracer you arrogant fool I hope you not only loose your hive but you get defeated by Razz without her even knowing about it. Hopefully one of her lieutenants will pull a page from Blood Armor’s book from AAG on how to deal with a failure of a queen on how to deal with her failure.

Rarity done screwed up and I hope she gets chewed out for supplying the booze.

How did Rarity screw up, exactly?


She got the one Gaurd drunk, indirectly. From what it sounded like the Gaurd had one job and Rarity inessense distracted him and now the person who was supposed to be having some protection is somewhere without their bodyguards. So I am blaming Rarity for supplying the booze that got that incompetent Gaurd to drink while on the job.

Amber Shine is a female and the pony who was supposed to be protected was...Rarity. And friends.

Plus, given she just found one of her closest fashionista friends half-frozen in a wreck supposedly already crawling with guards - who are all conspicuously missing - there's a lot more to be worried about than some of the most capable ponies giving their escort detail the slip.

Coco?!? Well new Fluttershy is here, we have the whole set.

Speaking of the main six, how did Thorn and Thistle know about Rainbow when they said "main six minus three and with two spares"?

Because that seems off, and really makes me not trust them.

Well, the mane 6 are kinda famous. Saving Equestria a bunch of times will do that.

As for Thorn and Thistle being trustworthy, just remember they were mentioned in the previous chapter by someone kinda shady...

well yeah, but it's because Rainbow wasn't there yet that has me thinking they be up to no good.

Excellent chapter, as always, and I can't wait for the next one!

Crisalide...eyes turning teal...Sombra experimenting with changelings...yeah, I think I can guess what Rose's fate was.

This does make me wonder who the werewolf is/was.

And here I thought the yellow eyes were a different changeling hive.

Also… Did Musica Allegra have Sombra's child? :applejackunsure:

This version of Sombra just keeps making things worse and worse for everyone. I wish whatever afterlife he is stuck in he is experiencing something truly horrific and completely justified.

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