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Sunset Shimmer isn't a normal girl. She can levitate objects with her mind, shoot hot energy from her palms, and when she's scared, she can disappear and reappear somewhere else entirely.

Her parents know. Her siblings know. What they don't know is how different Sunset really is.

When nightmarish creatures attack and kidnap her sister, Sunset ventures into the unknown and discovers a world teetering on the edge of total darkness.

What begins as a rescue mission turns into a struggle to save a kingdom, as Sunset learns just who and what she is, and the weight that comes with it.

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Ive barely read anything but I am already intrigued.

Interesting idea for the AU. It should be fun indeed. Can't wait to see the others.

“All right, don’t fog your glasses.” Sunset continued to grin, seeing the bottom half of Twilight’s lenses already steaming up. “How else should I greet my baby sister?”

Aww, this is cute. It'll be interesting to see how Sunset fits into the Sparkle family mechanics.

Sunset slid an arm around her, gently petting her shoulder while steering her down the hall. “So, listen, my sister and I are gonna go hang out today, and I really don’t think I’ll have time to do that history assignment. Be a peach and make a copy for me, yeah?” Her palm heated up as she gave Roseluck’s shoulder a squeeze.

And this is mean. Guess, Sunset's morality family can only keep her this grounded.

Sunset fumed through her nostrils. She slammed the milkshakes down on a random table and marched over, fists balled. “And what do you two think you’re doing?” she asked in a low growl.

And here's the fire. Messing with Twilight never ends well when Sunset is around.

I love this already hope to see more

“By intimidating them.”

Yeah? I don't see what sunsets doing as really bad, but yeah I hope this story doesn't make her a goody two shoes like alot of people like doing

Fascinating start and really subverts some expectations already, like the new dynamic with Sunset and (Sci-)Twilight. Gives Sunset some of that old edge that we know, while also balancing her out well to being more rounded than she was in the first Equestria Girls movie. Seeing how she develops will be something fun.

And I'm sure this story will be fun, even without knowing the ending yet. Sometimes it just helps to follow a story to the end with no idea of where you're going. Kinda like how a DnD campaign can go. Sometimes just heading forward into the unknown will allow you to think up ideas you never would have otherwise. I can't wait to see what comes next. A wonderfully spectacular start and everything hinting at what's to come has me utterly fascinated! :pinkiehappy:

i aggree.

I like many of those stories, but i really dislike seeing her loosing too much of her agressivity d being someone having reluctance in using violence against persons who aren't her friends.

Big Sister Sunset. You're right, this will be fun.

Weeeee let's see how this turns out, eh?

Also, just realized there's a NMM tag, I suppose world teetering in darkness=Eternal night?

Exactly. I love seeing her being kind and loyal to her friends whilst being protective towards theme and aggressive towards people who antagonize them.

Wow, very well done chapter. Seeing the small steps taken in Sunset's development as she was nice to Roseluck was good, even if she saw it as meaningless without Twilight to watch. But that makes it better if she does it because it is right rather than for someone else. She just needs to come to see how good it can feel to be nice and enjoy some company again after the things that happened in childhood.

The ending definitely has me intrigued by all that shall happen and how Sunset connected to it, given how it's implied she can connect with Celestia. And given how we see Inkwell as the principal rather than Celestia, I am fascinated by the implications of that. Looking forward to the next chapter!


Huh. Wasn't expecting a new chapter so soon. Neat. Nightmare Moon connection is interesting. Sunset seems to be having visions of Celestia? Wonder if she's her daughter in this story.

So Inkwell is the principal. Wonder how that will play out. Looks like Sunset's a little scared even if she denies it. Mainly of others but maybe what she could do to them. Hope she'll open up to the girls.

this chapter and the description of sunset and twilight relation (especially with twilight group of friends) made me think than i would prefer seeing Sunset as less of a member of the main 7 and more as the friend who still do her own thing without the others .

Is Sunset older then Twilight ? How old was she when she was adopted ?

Hmm, Sunny and Twiggles are sisters in this? Weird belly rumblings from the statue? Sunny has paracausal abilities? Well, color me intrigued Albi.

Like how she was almost gonna give it to Wallflower in Forgotten Friendship if it weren't for Trixie staying her hand? She's blown up or gotten aggressive a few times, whether it was Walflower, SciTwi in Friendship Games, or Juniper Montage in Mirror Magic.

Or at FlimFlam brothers game stand in Rollercoaster of Friendship. She's a sore loser.

to be, almost doesn't really count.

Okay, so, we have confirmation that Sunny's adopted.

But now I'm curious about what the nightmare means. Is Sunset Celestia's daughter, or is she Celestia reincarnated? And we have something dark coming for her now too? This looks to be fun.

Yeah, but she was willing. She didn't really hold herself back, at least not completely.

Mob-Sunset 100

This a nice start. Sunset being lost at birth and adopted by the Sparkles? Nice premise.

NGL, feels sad that Sunset lost her 'friends' because of powers.she didn't know she had. I'd have been like 'Heh, nice'

i was mostly focus on the case of fanfics.

also, i don't count if there is not a hit.

Seems daughter since nightmare said she was birthed

Adopted by her human parents.

Ik i was saying she is celestias bio daughter

Very interesting that Raven Inkwell is the principal and not Celestia. I wonder why that is.

Sunset Shimmer was weird.

I would never have guessed.

Once, long ago, Sunset was bullied for her abnormalities. She had been thin, she had been short, and she had been weird. When the children played jump rope, Sunset would jump too high, so they called her ‘kangaroo.’ When they played hide-n-seek and it took hours for kids to find her, even though she had only been in a bush and not very well concealed, they called her a cheater. And when someone would stand too close or hug her, and suddenly get shoved away or shocked without Sunset ever touching them, they would call her a freak.

Yeah, kids are assholes.

“Sunny!” Twilight slipped them on and glared at her. “How many times have I told you not to do that?”

Sunset shrugged. “Seven, eight?”

“Exactly twenty-three times counting today!”

That's an academy record?

The bell rang, and the two parted ways, Twilight off to her AP English class and Sunset off to history. Taking AP classes as a freshman. If Twilight keeps it up, we might graduate together.

What IS AP, anyway?

Sunset slid an arm around her, gently petting her shoulder while steering her down the hall. “So, listen, my sister and I are gonna go hang out today, and I really don’t think I’ll have time to do that history assignment. Be a peach and make a copy for me, yeah?” Her palm heated up as she gave Roseluck’s shoulder a squeeze.

Roseluck bit her lip and rapidly nodded her head. “Y-yeah, of course! Anything for you, Sunset!”

“I knew you’d say yes,” Sunset said with a false cheery smile. The heat in her hand faded away and she let Roseluck run off. It’s good to be queen.


“Unexplainable occurrences,” Twilight said, louder. Her voice softened. “I don’t know. It’s all strange to me. I’m sure there’s a rationale explanation somewhere.”


Sunset put her boots down and rested her chin against her palm. “Knowing him, he’d give me a whole lecture about how ‘two wrongs don’t make a right’ and ‘take the moral high ground’ and blah, blah, blah.”


Bullying of any degree can cause lasting damage to someone.”

“Like me?”

“Exactly! You’re just perpetuating this cycle of revenge!”

Revenge. The most worthless of causes.

Two guys dressed in finely made uniforms hovered around Twilight. If Sunset had to put them on a scale from ‘rich snob’ to ‘creepy dork’ they would fall neatly in the middle.

Oh good.

The one leaning on the corner of the booth had neatly combed black hair, gray skin, and shiny glasses that sat on the edge of his nose while he grinned down at Twilight. The other one sat uncomfortably close to her, giving a smolder that only made her huddle in on herself. The boy had floofy blonde hair that looked like hay against his brown skin. Between his designer glasses and his friend’s ascot, Sunset wasn’t sure which one wanted their ass kicked more.

Jet Set and Trenderhoof.

“She doesn’t wanna talk to you,” Sunset said, her voice cold and sharp. “So why don’t you two just move along before something regrettable happens.”

“Yeah?” the blonde one asked. “And who are you to make us?”

Her sister.

“Yes, you and Shining both. I’m not mad that you want to protect me. I just get worried when you do that stuff in public.” Twilight lowered her voice. “One day, someone’s going to ask questions, then that person’s going to ask questions, and eventually, someone’s going to take you away to do bad science on you!”

Oh you are just adorable.

Twilight scooped up the purple puppy and nuzzled him against her cheek. “Hi, Spike! Were you a good boy while I was at school?”

Spike gave a happy yip and licked her face.

Yes. For all dogs are good dogs.

With an exaggerated sigh, Sunset rolled off the couch and dragged her feet upstairs, Twilight giggling behind her. “Sunny got in trouble, Sunny got in trouble.”

“Shut up, Sparky.”

You two are cute as shit.

“Uuugh.” Why does school have to start at eight? Why can’t we start at the crack of noon?

Yeah, that never gets easier.

Still, they were nice enough and took good care of Twilight when Sunset wasn’t around. Their sincerity didn’t level out their conglomeration of weird and/or annoying personalities, however. They were definitively Twilight’s friends and only her friends. Sunset preferred the company of herself anyway.

I suppose that's fair.

Sunset raised an eyebrow. She could see the hope for rejection clear in Rainbow’s eyes. Sunset wanted to say yes just to watch that hope die.

I've been there.

Despite being sent to her office numerous times for things other students couldn’t prove, Miss Inkwell was always cordial and kind. She wasn’t afraid to scold Sunset, but never once lost her temper

Love me a Reasonable Authority Figure.

Sunset was already moving down the hallway, folding the paper and tucking it at the back of her book. There, I was nice. Though she supposed it didn’t matter much since Twilight wasn’t there to see it.

Still, it's something.

Even though her mom edited for the author, she was never allowed any sneak peeks and had to wait like everyone else to dive into the newest adventure.


“ I had a fun day learning and socializing,” Twilight said, her eyes pointed at Sunset.

Sounds boring.

She could continue reading her Daring Do book, but that was back downstairs, and Sunset was too lazy to retrieve it.

Yeah, I've been there.

“That’s probably why you’re adopted!” Raindrops spat. “You’re real parents didn’t want you!”

OK, that is crossing a line! Also, Your, not You're.

“And ponies called me the stubborn one,” the dark voice said, almost playfully. It snapped back to its harsh bark. “You can’t hide her forever! I will find her, and I will make you watch as I slay her.”

Nightmare Moon?

“Why not? You love her, don’t you? You were just so elated when she was born! I felt it. I felt your joy and love all the way from my wretched prison! And the lengths you’ve gone to keep her safe. Would you have done the same for me, hmm? Did you ever love me that much?”

She's not talking to Sunset. She's talking to Celestia.

“Of course I did.” It proved harder and harder not to cry. “I still do. I love you, Luna.”

“Luna? Luna!” The searing pain came once more, and Sunset’s screams rose to a crescendo. Blazing hot magic rose up around her, and the dark exploded into a pillar of light.

Called it.

The other beast snorted in agreement. The surge in magic had been too powerful to ignore. Its six legs scuttled forward, charging across the field and toward the dense forest. If her presence was indeed the source of the magical outburst, their empress would be displeased. Very displeased indeed.

OOh, the plot thickens.

AP stands for Advanced Placement, which are courses offered at high schools that mimic college/university courses in both course structure and difficulty.

There are many AP Courses that exist, which include things like AP Literature & Composition, AP Calculus, AP Computer Science, and many more.

Near the end of the school year, students have the opportunity to take the AP Exam for whatever AP courses they took, and if they do good enough they could earn course credits for certain colleges/universities, saving the students lots of money by not having to take the courses in college.

Hope that helps. :)

No one's going to do it? I'll do it.

*Dun Dun Duuuuuun!*

Drops stuff as they enter the house. Sounds like my sister.

Why Rainbow doesn't like this Sunset ? She can be agressive, but she does have her heart (mostly) in the right place, and they have no reasons of contention here since they are her sister's friends, so I don't see what could had happened.

Oh my goodness that was amazing and so tense at the ending of the chapter! I can't wait for the next chapter this story is great!

Yeah, people around Sunset know more than they say.

“Oh no, you’re not going to spend another whole day just watching T.V.”

It's great to have someone who will drag you out of the house, especially after heavy experience. stewing inside only leads to madness.

Sunset scrunched her nose. “Did you just call me fat? I think you just called me fat.”

“You sit in front of the T.V. like a vegetable, maybe you are getting fat.”

That too. Also leads to that.

“Phew, that’s a relief! Limestone did that to me once, and let me tell ya, bouncing around without a bra on sucks!” She jumped a few times for emphasis.

For you, maybe. :twilightblush: Good you're here, Pinky.

“Have you?”

It was Applejack’s turn to narrow her eyes. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

But this was low.

“Stop!” Sunset threw her hand out at Rainbow. A flash of gold light temporarily blinded Sunset, and when it faded, Rainbow had indeed stopped. She had an outline of gold around her, her mouth was open in mid-sentence, eyes still sparkling with excitement. Yet not an inch of her moved. Sunset lowered her trembling hand. “Oh, crap…”

That was quick and shame for that. She might had actually made some progress. short moment but very sweet. Wonder if they appear again. Still, any good moment for self-reflection. And Sunset's powers seem very imagination based, she might end up overpowered.

Oh God I need the next chapter

Interesting that thanks to Sunset Twilight doesn't go to crystal prep

More that Sunset is several years older and would probably win.

And so, Sunset has met her call to adventure and stepped through the gate.

I can kinda understand where she's coming from with not wanting friends given her history.

Actually, I don't get how old Sunset is and how old the Main 6 are.

The main point of context is that Twilight is definitely younger, as having her graduate at the same time as Sunset is mentioned in a tone that suggests this would be abnormal.

That escalated quickly 🕷 🤯

I don't know why but I'm getting some Harry Potter-like vibes here. Like Sunset is actually from Equestria, which would explain her abilities, Princess Celestia is her birth mother who took her to the human world when she was a baby, and left her with Twilight's family to keep her hidden from Nightmare Moon, and stationed Raven Inkwell to watch Sunset at a distance, hence why she's the principal of CHS, why she said she and Sunset aren't so different, and why she was by the portal as if she was expecting or was ready for something.

I am so following this. I am such a sucker for the traditional heroic story and you set up a fun premise that went from 0-60 in like 3 seconds. The adventure begins I can't wait to see what you have in store for us next.

At Canterlot High, there was one rule all followed: don’t mess with Sunset Shimmer.

She's the Boss, CEO, Queen if you’re...feeling dramatic.

It doesn’t matter.

Canterlot High has no titled ruler and just...

...ONE Rule:

Don’t. Fuck. With Sunset.

Poor Sunset. The lack of control really makes it hard for her to connect even when a thread does begin to form. And now these things have come through and kidnapped Twilight. That was a great action sequence and it'll be exciting to see what lies on the other side of the portal. And the more we learn about Sunset's origins, the more intriguing it becomes. The way her mother reacted, how Inkwell is, so good. I wonder if Sunset will be going back and forth from here, or if she'll remain fully on the other side until the end. Looking forward to the next chapter! :pinkiehappy:

https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/MuggleFosterParents is pretty much this story in a nutshell, it's not really hard to tell that's the case just from the first few chapters. Don't mistake this for criticism, is just a statement that the author isn't trying to be clever in the set up, being clever at every turn is not nessiacry for good stories. Good stories can go exactly as expected and still be good.

Dang p, wasn't expecting to see sunset is a bully in this story, even more of a shock she's sci twi/the human twilight sister.

“That’s probably why you’re adopted!” Raindrops spat. “Your real parents didn’t want you!”

Question answered in what I thought, sunsetbis adopted. Should of saw it coming a mile away.

3 chapters in and I'm interested in seeing how the rest of this story goes.

She didn’t call it her conscience because it didn’t feel like hers per se.

Shades of Celestia's disapproval, maybe?

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