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What if…  Sunset Shimmer had not just wound up at Canterlot High when she passed through the mirror, but instead had found herself in a world of supervillains and heroes, where costumed characters fought it out in the skies of New York and one young woman with no powers in this world did not have a chance to rise to her destiny.  So she decided to fix that problem, only to find her problems had just begun.

Meet Summer Lewis, a young supervillain created by The Consortium and later freed of their control by the Guardians.  Since then, she has passed in and out of the justice system, most recently released on probation only to find keeping on the right side of the law is far more difficult than it seems.

Much like where she came from originally.

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Wanderer D

OMG you're speaking to my soul.

Georg #2 · Monday · · · 1. Date ·

There we go, got it posted finally. Personally, I think the best descriptive line I wrote was

Summer dealt with the rest of the salmon like a bear in springtime...

And I have a prediction: After reading the second chapter, you will go back and re-read the first chapter from a different perspective. (if you didn't catch it the first time)

“Rich people aren’t immune by any stretch of the imagination. They just get more people injured or killed in the process instead of nicking a couple of pizzas.” He paused. “Sometimes, there are turtles involved.”

"And when they are, pizza comes up surprisingly often."

Can I get your autograph? Make it out to Barbara?

I suppose Commissioner Gordon put his foot down on her interning at the precinct.
Wait. Richard...

You have this saying. Money is power. Well, it’s wrong. Power is power.

Really says something about Summer's viewpoint when she's echoing Xykon's philosophy in life.

She had been deeply concerned that her date was going to be some psycho or supervillain like so many others before. Having him be just some eccentric rich guy working for a richer guy was… a nice change of pace.

Given the stylized-R money clip, I have a suspicion that it's both better and worse than she thinks. Eagerly looking forward to seeing where you go with this.
(Also, explicit mentions of intercourse should bump this up to T.)

Ri2 #4 · Monday · · · 1. Date ·

Robin? Wait, no, shouldn't you be Nightwing?

This is a very cool start for what seems like it will be a great read. As a foodie, I'm vicariously enjoying Summer's enormous, varied, and no doubt hideously expensive meal! (Mmm... duck fat fries...)

Can I get your autograph? Make it out to Barbara?

She's not such a bad seed, is she?

Georg #6 · Monday · · · 1. Date ·

11925055 Oh, I thought I had the rating fixed. Got it. And Richard does have a penchant for flaming aliens, I suppose.

Didn't quite get to the end of the chapter and now I have to leave for work. This seems quite different from your usual stuff but so far I'm enjoying it a great deal. Getting a bit of a SheHulk vibe from it too, lol. Looking forward to the rest when I get home and more as you update.


Xykon's philosophy in life.

Not exactly in life; he explicitly did not figure this out until well into lichdom.

Ze1a7in #9 · Monday · · · 1. Date ·

Damn that's a big eater appetite to rival Goku she got saddled with. God that kind of metabolism sounds like an absolute nightmare.

Edit: She basically has an eating disorder, that only becomes problematic when she either can't get enough food or is having the metabolism suppressed. That REALLY sucks.

Well, it's not often that I'm treated to a first chapter that also works as a standalone one-shot. Favourited.

Emptybee #12 · Monday · · · 1. Date ·

she stared at nothing in particular. “Do you know the frustration of having a role model so powerful that you can never measure up to them, no matter how hard you try?”

Oh Summer, you have no idea. :rainbowlaugh:

Jeez, I'm gaining weight just thinking about what Summer just put away. Hyper metabolism indeed.

Consider my interest piqued. Have a like and track.

An interesting start and wondering what and who this universe has in store. Now I'm hungry for shrimp scampi.

Can’t wait for a second part!

Oh, that tears it... The fire to his star, huh? Got it. Lol.

11925570 The second part is merely a stub to glue the two parts together. Another 9k chapter would have killed me.
11925537 At least I can write this without gaining weight.
11925511 Think about how much it *cost* for Richard to feed her. Only once have I been to a place where the menus don't have prices (Club 33 in Disneyland) and that was as an observer, not a diner. The air tastes of money.
11925481 I'm fairly sure *both* of them have no idea how true the statement is for the other.
11925383 I had originally planned on making a folder full of "What If Sunset Shimmer" chapters but I already have too many stories that will never end.
11925249 No breaking the fourth wall. Except for Cupcakes.
11925096 She's a nice girl, tormented by sadistic writers. They seem to think that since she wasn't driven by terrible loss and anguish, that she deserved to be the target of it.
11925042 Certainly. Now if you will sign here on this credit card slip... Because I'm headed for Mare Fair in Orlando this September

And the last full-size chapter tomorrow, a frolic through the Pacific NorthWest and the utterly ordinary people who live there.

Yes that certainly seems like a great idea putting a flaming supervillian to work in the forest though the forests of the North West are considered rain-forest. The Pacific North-West is an interesting area geographically speaking

Can Sunset absorb fire or just toss fire, if she can absorb fire she can just end any fire quickly

Summer should know by now that there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Ah, the stealth exit. Managing to pull it off on Alfred is honestly quite impressive.

As for where to send Sunset… I suppose the phrase “trial by fire” is a bit too predictable. Still apt, though. Looking forward to how she finds the PNW, and vice versa.

I was wondering when his name was Richard.

She's not that bright. The girl expected to utilize a cadre of illegitimate love children of Doug and High School Musical as a military force against immortal alicorns, unicorn arch mages, and pegasus barrages. American tax dollars in the education system at work folks:pinkiecrazy:

Ah so it is a adcu. Also nice job with the stealth exit Nightwing.

Bones_ #26 · Tuesday · · · 1. Date ·

Ohohoho, some classic supervillain/superhero stuff by a tried and tested author? You spoil us, Georg!

Is the Crossover tag omitted because it's a spoiler? Because it's not much of a spoiler to anyone who pays attention.

I mean, there's a lot of fuels reduction work that goes on there. Controlled burning. Burn piles. Drip torching. Y'know, fire treatments that involve fire.

.What the heck you got me hooked again OMG. Georg out with another banger!

11926389 Wait until I get My Cousin Caramel the Changeling done.

When Applejack’s cousin falls out of an apple tree in Appleoosa and hits his head, nobody is more worried about him than Ponyville.  Unless you count a certain frustrated young changeling queen near Appleoosa when he shows up and claims to be a member of her hive.

11926330 I actually work with an agency that does controlled burns on pasture. The environmentalists can be a humongous menace because they don't think anything should be burned anywhere and stop every burn they can...until the grass build up to wildfire potential and gets loose on its own. Then it becomes our fault.
11926189 I love the one comic scene where he does it to his boss.
11926189 Some secret identities are less secret than others. Mighty Mite is a good example. Sub five-foot with purple hair and barely out of being a teenager. Then there's her secret identity as a criminal defense lawyer, which also is sub five-foot with purple hair and looking barely out of being a teenager.
11926105 Richard has a history of getting comfy with female supers of various good/bad spectrums. Not as much as his boss, but...
11926041 There will be fire. Lots of fire.

So I wonder who else she'll run into on the West Coast. Maybe AJ out with the trees and bunnies. OH! Maybe Flutters. Fluttershy could be a crazy badguy.

I know exactly what you're talking about.

56 #33 · Yesterday · · · 1. Date ·

This was great. I love that she rejects the singular pickle. I wonder if they placed it to find out whether she was paying any attention whatsoever to the food as she inhaled it.

Compared to previous chapter, this is a joke.

Wanderer D

This ended up being a lot more slice-of-life-y than I anticipated. It was a great insight into post-evil redemption or non-redemption in the case of a certain tin-man, finding life after hitting rock bottom, and making friends in unexpected ways. Thanks Georg!

Georg #36 · Yesterday · · · 3. Rise ·

Yeah, I don't think 'Firefighter' is in Sunset's future career choices. And that's a wrap. Hope you enjoyed it.

(9 more words and the chapter lengths would be identical)


So I can understand her not wanting to feel like she's running away or giving up, but...couldn't she have asked them to do something about her metabolic issues, because forcing herself to live in a state where she's always on the brink of starving to death feels not only impractical but self-flagellant.

There was barely enough room in Mighty Mite’s cramped apartment for one and her robot pet.

Oh dear. Superman's powers and Spider-Man's income. Not an enviable state of affairs, but all the pro bono cases yield a different kind of benefits.

Yeah, performing the superpowered equivalent of rear-ending a pizza delivery driver is just rude.

Baka! What do you think you were doing?

She has been enjoying anime.

Hmm. An ESPer with the callsign "Cupcakes." Sounds familiar. :pinkiehappy:

I hadn't anticipated something this short, but it conveys volumes in its brief run. Excellent Sunset character study. She's always fun for "stranger in a strange land" stories, and I'm always a sucker for pyromancers who achieve inner peace through burning brighter (and vice versa.) Thank you for this.

That was awesome. If you ever drop more story for this one I think you picked up enough of us to make it worth your time. :rainbowlaugh:

Anyone else getting the vibe that Luiz's family might be vilian that he is try to distance from? Wonder just how fireproof he is?:moustache:

I had a feeling that this story is going nowhere, dead on arrival. I mean, by the start, the story itself had already ended.
Also, author put way too much effort into traumatizing Sunset in order to convince is how dark his world is. Like, are your even aware that prisons are gender split for exact that reason?
Despite good writing and excellent cover art, the story itself is... Completely meh.

Also, was she flying naked? The hell? In fact, I can see your made her a pervert.

Anyway, this chapter was boring.

Very nice is shorter story for you Georg thank you for sharing

So lava and fire. Sounds like a match made in heaven.

“Shall I prepare a spare bedroom for the young lady, Master Dick?” he asked over a shoulder while pulling the heavy limo out into the night.

O h- that's where she ended up

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