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Many years ago, Ponyville was even smaller than it is now. But not too small to experience its first bank robbery.

In distinctly Ponyville style.

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Inspired by Admiral Biscuit's Golden Prize about a Canterlot bank robbery.

We are tall because we stand upon the shoulders of giants. And steal their wallets while climbing up there.

...wait. Who just robbed who?

...oh. Right. Bank.


I have no words to describe how awesome this is.
They were stolen from me when I walked in. :yay:

All the ponies in this town are crazy. It's a proud tradition, and it's the foundation on which Ponyville is built.

(Also, I do love the word "arbortecturist.")

Thank you for a delightful bit of socioeconomic judo.

Damn son.

The bank doesn't need guards, it literally absorbs bank robbers.

That, had to be one of the cutest stories I have seen in ages.

I love how halfway through the story, Moneybags was already on top of the situation again. I was afraid that you were going to make him a small-town rube. I don't know why I was worried about that; I loved his characterization.

You could say that I became "invested" in this story.

Georg, you magnificent bassfish. :facehoof:

Just... just take my upvote, fave, watch, clothes, boots, and motorcycle.

"Why rob a bank, son? Start a bank instead!"

Good to know the Silver family wealth is based on good honest thievery banking! :scootangel:

"bank robbery. In distinctly Ponyville style."

Yes. My words were as empty as the bank's vault, due to how they were loaned to my mind for the purpose of going "What.", repeatedly.

A price well spent.



According to Google: "naive, simplistic, and superficial ... (of ideas or writings) dry and uninteresting."

Interesting name for a bank robber...

A lot less obvious than Moneybags...

Wonder what's his story...

Congratulations my fine sir. You have made me cringe, laugh, and cry in the same sentence

Heh... this was pretty delightful! I loved the shift it took as Moneybags got with the program and started working the absurdity of it all towards his new goal. I also love the reveal at the end, which I should have seen coming but was happy to just be along for the ride.


All the ponies in this town are crazy. It's a proud tradition, and the foundation upon which Ponyville was built.

So I'm probably gonna use this in a fic if I can be arsed to remember to.

Ahh Ponyville, there's nowhere else like it... else the universe would likely collapse.

No wonder Twilight doesn't bother with guards.

Quick! Somebody call the Powerpuff Girls!

This was lovely and Moneybags accomplished a bit more than poor Golden Prize.

Another masterpiece

Simply brilliant!


Inspired by Admiral Biscuit's Golden Prize about a Canterlot bank robbery.

We are tall because we stand upon the shoulders of giants


And it's true, I'm over six feet (ten meters) tall.

If you hadn't mentioned Golden Prize I would so have linked that story. :D

“Sir,” he started in a respectful tone, “I understand you’re looking for a part-time bank guard. I’m an upstanding individual with no present criminal record and a savings account. Is the position still available?”

This is the moment I lost it. :rainbowlaugh:

“And if I’m an honest thief?”

Silver Standard heaved a sigh. “The town already has a mayor. I suppose I would have to make you a banker, then.”

And again :rainbowlaugh:

In some way, this was the most successful robbery possible. He got the entire bank.

This is exactly the sort of fic I have come to expect from Georg :heart: :yay:

Loved every *ahem* bit of it.

Yas. This is perfect. 5 stars.

And Georg does it again, giving us a well fleshed out OC and the absurd shenanigans they inevitably find themselves in. Bravo.

so Moneybags didnt just rob a bank, he robbed and is continuing to rob the people of ponyville ! Legally i might add.. :pinkiehappy:

bloddy brilliant!

This was cute, reminds me of an old W.C. Fields movie...

I like!

That was actually amazing.

This most part the little monster seruis because this is mentioned

My feet and your shins have a date.

Liked and faved. Adorable.

Everything I wanted to say already got said.

and so the loop begins


and so the loop begins

Begins? I imagine Rockhoof walking in with Applejack, reminiscing about his Old Equestria life as a Pillar.

"I wonder what ever happened to that Argent Brigand pony we were pursuing before we got called off to fight the Pony of Shadows? Last I heard, she was robbing treasuries south of Canterlot..."

"Argent Brigand was my great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great...-great-great grandmare! Can I interest you in our new Super Duper Silver Savings account?"


My first question on reading the description was "Did that AB story somehow end up on the Featured list with an update?"

And then I saw the author and understood.

Ponies and economics lessons? Is it Christmas?

At least they didn't get into explaining what happens when you make loans to other banks, who in turn make loans to others...

"Well yes, I can see that."

Heartwarming story + Economics lesson? Getting Spice & Wolf flashbacks...

Just a real nice story all around.

Absolutely Fantastic. I could totally believe this is a Monty Python Skit with how Well Written it is.

This was a delightful—and very Ponyvillian—romp. :pinkiehappy:

Once you've robbed the bank, remember to pay your income taxes on the loot. That way, the Royal Revenue Service can't nail you for tax evasion.

Hey, don't laugh. It's how they got Al Capony.

Looks like Mr. Moneybags fits right in with this family. :pinkiehappy:

This is right up there with stories where the villains are ENCOURAGED to take over equestria so that the princesses can have a vacation up until the villain runs away screaming. :rainbowlaugh:

“I got my cutie mark by holding up my cousin who works at an ice-cream store in Baltimore. I’d come in with a stick, point it at him, and he’d give me an ice-cream cone, since he wasn’t allowed to just give away ice-cream. Um. This is actually my first robbery for bits.”

That is unbearably adorable

This was perfect. Just the kind of clever characterization I'd expect from you, Georg. And it's TOTALLY plausible that this is why Silver Spoon is wealthy, since we know practically nothing about her or her family. AWESOME job! :yay:

You make writing stories look like the easiest thing in the world to do.

9143830 Face it, any bank robber who tries that in Ponyville is asking for it.
9143833 We'll be happy to loan them back to you at 4% interest, compounded daily.
9143849 I actually looked up that word a few months ago, and *had* to use it.
9143880 That's a good banker. Looking to squeeze that half-bit out of wherever it can be found.
9143910 Now if I can get you to snort coffee out of your nose at the same time, I win.
9143920 History does not normally repeat itself, but it rhymes.
9143897 We also provide loans based on such.
9143994 Ahem. Two meters. And furry.
9144396 Yes, now you understand. We're bending your mind.
9144508 Normally, fire. And explosions.
9144762 Since *kids* get their cutie marks, marks for crime have to be... strange.
9144853 When you are writing what you *want* they're pretty easy. That's why I can't write for writeoffs or contracts worth a hoot.

My only regret is that I didn't proofread for this so that I could read it early.

I can't help but be reminded of this: Your Money or Your Life

Also, amusing story. :twilightsmile:

Evening sir, I'd like to make an investment of one gold star with an upvote as collateral.

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