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Nothing special here, move along, nothing to see, just ignore the lump under the sheet and the red stuff...


The sun has gone out over Equestria, sending Princess Twilight Sparkle and her friends off to Canterlot to deal with whatever new villain has caused the disaster.

...thankfully, it turns out to be a far smaller problem than anticipated.


Editing Credit: Bad Horse (Inspiration), Docontra

With a reading by Big Ash
Credit for the cover photo Celestia Stained Glass Window goes to LampKnapp at Deviantart.

Spanish translation of the first chapter done by Spaniard Kiwi

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Georg #1 · Sep 30th, 2016 · · · Watt? ·

The editors appear to be done with this, so allow me to shed a little light levity upon your weekend. Just as soon as I replace this bulb...

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And my favorite silly thing (with my favorite silly pony):
Changelings, Love and Lollipops

(Most of these are inspired by Skywriter's Princess Celestia Hates Tea, so you can blame him.)

Great job (as always)

I can already guess where this is going.

Estee #4 · Sep 30th, 2016 · · · Watt? ·

"Seriously, this place is such a mess for somepony who only has to worry about one bub.”


That was hilarious. :rainbowlaugh: Poor Twilight, the more she finds out about what its like to rule Equestria, the more disillusioned she becomes.

I am...
Not surprised.
A bit speechless
But unsurprised.

This is gonna be a "the sun is a lightbulb" joke, isn't it?

That was... rather surreal. Fun though :twilightsmile:

I was amused :twilightsmile:

you ain't write.

Remember kids, the sun is a light bulb and space is painted cardboard! Bye kids, bye!


Adds a new meaning of them being guardians of the Sun and the Night.

Volt! Ampere! Ohm! :pinkiecrazy:

My inner electrical engineer is pleased :raritywink:

Discord wasn't sure whether he should laugh or feel insulted. Or, judging by Twilight's expression, be ever so slightly concerned. "Let me see if I understand you correctly. You want me to help you make the universe make more sense."

Twilight nodded, sending yet more mane hairs askew. "Yes. Very much so."

"And you don't immediately see the flaw in this plan?"

"What flaw?" Twilight gave a high, whinnying laugh that Discord would've been delighted to hear under other circumstances. "I mean, really, a sun that's a giant ball of so much gas that it's constantly exploding due to sheer mass? A moon that's an enormous rock floating in space such that those banished to it can't merely walk back down the cord!? Compared to the real setup, those are absolutely ludicrous, don't you think?"

Discord found himself struggling with a moral dilemma, put the dilemma in a quick full nelson, and stripped off his unitard. "You know what I think?"

Twilight tilted her head in a way that showed she'd been taking lessons from her owl. "What?"

"I think I'm going to go get Fluttershy. You need tea and bunny therapy, stat." Discord decided to forego the ambulence siren before teleporting away. The last thing Twilight needed was sudden, loud noises.

(In case you weren't sure, I loved it. :twilightsmile:)

Well this was something all right. I just don't know what kinda something.... Oh who am I kidding? I loved this story. It was pretty funny.


And then Equestria was The Truman Show, starring everyone who isn't an alicorn, :trollestia:


Snow #18 · Sep 30th, 2016 · · · Watt? ·

... .... I am disappointed that there was no section between Luna and Celestia arguing fluorescent versus incandescent bulbs respectively.

This reminds me way too much of Courage the Cowardly Dog.

Now, for some inexplicable reason, I find myself wanting to know where those light bulbs are manufactured. :twilightoops:

...and would they have a hazardous waste disposal problem if Mercury spiraled into the sun and it went fluorescent?

... Have you been doing lines of scratch-n-sniff pony pictures again?

7607297 I saw the title.

Then my screen blacked out. Are they powered by blbs?

7607575 No worries... any Mercury would just collect in a little sphere and orbit nearby.

I had an inking this was where it was going.
Was not disappoint
Very amusing

Okay, I was amused.

Then again, a fic where Twilight gets severely disillusioned about Luna and Celestia's methods of ruling the kingdom or keeping it running... it's a pretty surefire way to do it. It's amusing to see Luna and Celestia deal with something casually that just boggles Twi(and/or Cadance and/or Sunset)'s mind.

Oh well, I think I need to change some lightbulbs around the place, now that I think about it...

The whole Nightmare Moon thing was really just Luna trying to be economical about their power usage, wasn't it.


“Of course!” declared Luna. “What did you think it was, a giant planet-sized ball of gas and fusion?”



"So, Twi, the princesses raising and lowering the sun and moon are just them playing with dimmers?"

"What? You genuinely thought I was powerful enough to swing around a mass of flaming gasses bigger than the entire world millions of miles every day? It was cute when you were a filly, Twilight, but such excessive reverence is getting a bit creepy."

7607699 The chapter name told me it was going to be related to light bulbs. I was chuckling when I find out how right I was!!!:rainbowlaugh:

7607341 Straight to heck :pinkiehappy:
7607344 (scribble, scribble) What typo? I don't see a typo...
7607423 It's more than a light bulb, it's a *big* light bulb...
7607532 You know, I don't see that anybody has written 'The Twilight Show' yet...
7607549 Florescent is just a phase. In a century or two, ponies won't even know what the word means. Particularly, after I take it out of the textbooks...
7607489 Tea and Bunny Therapy is the best.
7607671 No, just bubs. (No idea how I missed that)
7607726 I admit, the Nightmarity comic story where they use a lasso to catch the moon, pull it closer to Equestria, and then walk up the rope did help with the conceptualization here. That, and Bad Horse's urging.
7607770 Some families fight over the remote control, some over the dimmer....
7607864 Then you strike me as somebody who knows what The Adultery of Princess Twilight Sparkle is about right off the bat, right? :scootangel:

7607770 "Sister we must insist that thou doth start conserving the sun! Mayhaps we can increase the nights length to diminish power usage?"

7607824 Are you peeking at my notes? Excerpt from My Little Priestess - Worship is Magic

The Goddess Celestia, who Raises both Sun and Moon while ruling over the Theocracy of Equestria, is worshiped by all ponies within her lands until one fateful day when she sends Acolyte Twilight Sparkle to Ponyville to prepare for a ceremony....

The last line was definitely worth the read by itself...

Good show, Georg...:facehoof:

We need a golf clap emote...

...And I've been trying to think up an amusing pony-related pun regarding the letters L.E.D.

Levitating Evil Discord?
Lifting Eternal Darkness?
Lariat of Earthpony Doom?
Laughter's Enlightening Deliciousness?

(They just keep getting worse> :twilightangry2:

7607887 I read the link title. I have now redefined "busting a gut":rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

That is word for word the summary of zeus_tfc's new story Threads.

but all she could see was the ends of the princesses she had not really looked at before and was trying not to look at now

Twilight, you can deny it, but we all know that isn't true.

I wonder what the wattage of the Moon is...

This is a very good and very funny one-shot.

That was delightfully absurd.

Not much else to say.

Except I really want to know where and who they're buying the bulbs from.

Also, Twilight should warn them to not buy anything from Flim and Flam. Knowing them it wouldn't only be defective, any replacement stars or suns will likely cause a short circuit and break existence.

...Goddammit, Celestia.

I was somehow reminded of that scene at the end of one of Dragonball Abridged movie, when the sun is destroyed and Popo start it back, it made the noise of a spotligth starting up...

It's actually about five-hundred gigawatts, but we have it on a forward-phase dimmer and keep it pretty low.

7607837 Not as catchy though. Gotta consider that.

That was the funniest thing I read all day.:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:
I give it a four out of five laughing rainbows.

I had a comment, but it would...
(Wait for it...):pinkiehappy:
...make light of the matter.


“And the other half plugging in new ones. If you keep it up, eventually the whole night sky will be one bright light.”

Finding pegs for the Lite Brite... that was my first thought.

7608494 :rainbowhuh: that's not a very good pun heck it's not a bad one ether it's just their

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