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Mare Imbrium

Please stop banishing nobles to the moon. They make terrible neighbours.


How Many Toes Has a Pony? · 12:38pm Aug 14th, 2016

If you had never encountered and Equestria pony and weren't told that it was called a "pony" (which sort of loads the dice), what would you liken it to?

Upon reflection, I realised I would describe them as alpacas.

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Dearest sister,
I had wondered what could be keeping you, but it's unseemly to pry into such matters. Especially given your purposeful predeliction for perfect preparation of precipitation.

It is quite a coincidence you had mentioned the landers. It appears they recently went through a spell of repeatedly turning up in the most awkward of places and performing quite peculiar rituals of some kind before having to be shooed off like naughty puppies, I remain unconvinced they were not perpetrating a mischief of some kind. And not once was dinner mentioned.
However after a few visits they seem to have lost interest and I don't think they shall be missed, nor the detritus they left behind. One can hardly be serene with a disheveled regolith my dear.

But I do hope you've had some better luck convincing the leaden skies to do thier duty.

*Scrolling through the comments on a story I just read. Sees your name.*
Does the name, "Xanth" mean anything to you?

Hello dear rainy sister of mine.
Are you keeping well? And is mother still upset that I changed the unwieldy name she gave me?

Thanks for following. Hope you enjoy my poor work. :twilightsmile:

2201333 Awww someone just needs a big ole pink Cadance hug

No one ever feels grumpy after. They Can't.


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