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A message from your Landgrave · 10:22am Jun 6th, 2020

Attend and bear witness.



This is unacceptable. Everything that has happened in the past week has left me in a state of utter disbelief. I can bearly form a coherent thought, much less express my complete disgust at the actions of our nations police and government officials. May whatever God you believe in have mercy on us all, because I fear the bottom is yet to come.


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Just popping in to say hi. The title "Landgrave" came up in my reading and I remembered we hadn't heard from you lately. I hope everything's going well with you. :twilightsmile:


Thanks,You got it,What's your email adress?

Sure, just make sure to send me a copy.

Hi there,I like your stories,Can I translate it in Chinese?I'll credit you of course

Comment posted by Nicknine deleted Oct 14th, 2016

1980032 Ahh. Thanks for enlightening me. The only one of the comics I've read was the EQG holiday special.

Tiberius is from the comics. Appearing first in the micro series featured Luna.

Question: Was it you or Darth Link 22 who first came up with the idea of Tiberius? You're the second person I've seen that featured the little guy, and I'm just curious. I have to catch up on Season 5, and my wife (who is caught up) says it isn't canon.

That's an interesting idea. Right now, however, to get everything represented in a satisfying narrative, it would be too long, and Cuori is too important to me right now.


Well, here's the story:

1000 years ago, Princess Celestia fell for a mortal stallion, but as time went on, she slowly began to realize that he would eventually pass on. Fearing losing her lover while she lived on forever, she cast a spell on him, rendering his spirit immortal so that whenever he died his spirit would be reincarnated, but without any memory of his past life.

Thus, as life went on, the stallion would be reborn. Through every life be it mare or stallion, Celestia would be reunited with her love... but in one life her lover fell for another Princess; Luna.

Soon the sisters began to fight over the reincarnated pony, their scuffles soon escalating into the events that led to the creation of Nightmare Moon herself. But during the climax of the fight, right before Nightmare Moon was banished she cast a curse on the pony preventing it from being reincarnated for as long as she was imprisoned...

1000 years later, Twilight Sparkle is the most talented unicorn at Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, but as she progresses in her studies, she slowly begins to have odd dreams, visions of a past life, and several memories that do not appear to be hers start returning... what does it all mean? And why does the Princess seem to be taking interest in her?

I'm not opposed to the idea, but unless it's very short, I probably won't have time.

I have to say I really like your stories! Do you take requests? I have interesting idea I think you'll like...

Spite is a powerful thing.

Supercomputer? Who needs supercomputer when you can infect the entire Web?

He would look for a way to the Super Computer, of course.

You got the first two perfectly, the third meant, more or less, that from the informations you had written about yourself in your userpage I couldn't understand what your gender was.

Peace! :coolphoto:

Just because I'm a dictatorial virus doesn't predispose me against honesty. The only reason to lie is if you have something you fear losing.

Well, at least you're honest. :ajsmug:

Let's see...

Sei Italiano?

My grandfather was, but I'm not.

O italiana?

I would assume, based on the previous question, that this is asking if I'm female (I'm not).

La tua biografia è piuttosto neutrale per decidere...

Your [something] is [something] neutral [to decide?]... I'm not really sure what that's asking. Sorry if I got your hopes up about anything.

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