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There are two types of people in this world: Perverts, and people who won't admit that they're a pervert too. Unless you're an alien. If you are, then GTFO.

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Horny Crappy fan fiction writer that writes crappy fan fiction.


Comes from a little country known as Malaysia. Perhaps you've heard of it. No? Well okay then...:applejackunsure:


I'm kinda freakin' out. · 11:59am Aug 23rd, 2016

Can somebody please explain to me why my story is featured? Is the site broken? I literally just hit publish and went back to the front page. I'm so confused.

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Is your story 'Meet the Parents' dead?

Hi beatbox, Omnishifter here, just poppin' in to give you a suggestion to add the Twilight Velvet tag to your Freaky Friday story, since I almost thought you'd deleted it before I thought to use the Shining Armor tag, and Twilight Velvet is crucial to the story so it should be in there:scootangel:

Are you still struggling to find time to write or have you lost your drive/process?

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