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Death and Satire become reality · 9:18pm Jan 7th, 2015

Heart and prayers out to the families of those slain in the Charlie Hebdo shooting in Paris.

For those of you who may not know, Charlie Hebdo has a long history of fearless satire, especially in the face of religious fanaticism.

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The Purple Sage
The Kirin of Tai Shan have always been elusive symbols of serenity, prosperity and wisdom. They appear very rarely and are elusive, golden-eyed, dark green iridescent scaled beings who love knowledge more than adventure. They live quiet unassuming lives in the clouds and in the dark coves of the sea.

Mei Shing, is anything but calm. Yearning for adventure, she visits the Forbidden Palace of Neighjing without an edict from the Jade Emperor. There she meets a visiting Equestrian dignitary who doesn't appear to be all that she seems. What is the mare hiding behind all those secret smiles?

But with winter coming and the palace beset by external forces and internal intrigue, can Tai Shan withstand a force that once shook even the Pillars of Heaven?

The Vampire Flutterbat
Fluttershy is an unassuming pegasus pony that loves animals, singing and plays. But after a visit from Discord, Twilight begins to notice ponies wandering through Ponyville in a state of dazed euphoria. After she discovers that each pony had strange, erotic dreams, coupled with two very tiny puncture wounds on their necks, Twilight confronts Fluttershy, only to discover something that will turn her world upside down.

Legacy of Trixie: Destiny Despoiler
The only thing I could recall clearly was the pain... so much... pain.
Equestria is dying. When the land was subjugated by the Vampiric Herds, their souls no longer fed light and magic into Tartarus and the land. Without the renewal of souls on the Wheel of Destinies, the land has decayed to a husk of it's former glory and is its death throes.

Twilight Sparkle rises from the depths of Tartarus to an Equestria despoiled and filled with death and desperation. Ponies are all but extinct and the wasteland that was once Equestria is filled with declining, warring clans of twisted and misshapen, ghoulish ponies. She has been raised from Tartarus by the Elder Goddess as her Ravager of Destinies to destroy the false princess Trixie who rules from the ruins of Canterlot.

A tall, dark and handsome unicorn arrives in Canterlot and immediately piques Celestia's interest with his strong magic and dark wit. She offers to mentor him, but is unsure if her motives are as pure as she thought, But after a night of passion, he disappears from her life. Broken-hearted, Celestia resolves to find her missing student and lover, leaving Luna in charge of the kingdom. Following increasingly dangerous rumours, she follows the brief thread of hope into a foreign land, dark and enslaved by a magical tyrant: her love, Sombra!

How Twilight got her Zing back
A new missive has arrived from Canterlot, requesting an audience with the latest Equestrian Princess. But when she arrives, she's in for a huge shock: her father has arrange a political marriage for her in the far of Mah Dynasty! She is assigned a guard of the greatest heroes of Equestria: her friends. Each have their own opinion about the arranged marriage. Will she listen to Rainbow Dash, who wants to whisk her away from it all? Or will she listen to Applejack to journey to a foreign land and follow her implacable sense of responsibility?

Our Lady of Light, Our Mistress of Night
Gloriana was a simple filly who spent her days at the school of gifted unicorns and never thought much of politics of newly created Equestria until one day her home was destroyed by a group of Pegasi-extremists who called themselves the Wing Warriors. Forced to flee from the growing unrest, she journeys beyond the borders of Equestria in search of peace.

Dusty was a high society pegasus until the purge, her family slaughtered in the ensuing struggle between the Unionists and the radical segregationist factions. She escapes on her own, with no where to go and no one to turn to.

Two horrible pasts.

Two separate journeys.

One destiny.

The day they meet will changed the world forever.

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Are you ever going to continue Twilight Unchained? And ask you in the kindest tone possible.


playing Dragon Age

That does indeed explain your long absence. I'm glad to hear you're enjoying yourself. I wish you luck, both on your writing and on your crusade against the Darkspawn.

Hey! Happy New Year!

I'm trying to write. But I keep playing Dragon Age. Bad Pixie!

Hi, sweetPixiesmile. How are you doing? :unsuresweetie:

Happy new year, sweetPixiesmile. :heart:

I hope you have a wonderful holiday vacation.

So where's your Nightmare Night costume?

With great risk comes great reward :raritywink:

LOL no way would I let that dude near me with a ten metre pole. Them poles are hard to lift! :pinkiecrazy:

Is MetaKnight145 your sensei? You're changing your avatar pictures as often as he does, lately. :rainbowlaugh:


Well groping a ninja takes intense training. I'm not sure if you'd be willing to go through all of that for little old me.

I'm usually the one doing the groping... :raritywink:


IDK, with Epsy, it'll be like being groped by a ghost, since she does it ninja style.

You've clearly never been groped by a ghost.:raritywink:


Eldritch abominations need loving too,

They sure do!

I still think your list of fetishes far outstrip mine.

Probably. :fluttershbad:
It's a long list.

And I have the advantage of being polyamorous, polysexual, Polynesian and all sorts of other 'poly' things. And perverse, too! Which tends to open up the playing field a lot.


Yeah, I see eldritch abominations.

I should probably be concerned. Or to stop with my latest binge of Cthulhu Mythos stuff.

Oh, I don't know. Eldritch abominations need loving too, as long as it doesn't end black widow or preying mantis style.

I still think your list of fetishes far outstrip mine.

Of course, then there's Slendershy.

Oh no, you totally feel it. But by the time you do, it's too late.

And I didn't even think it was hair, at first. :raritydespair:
Or even tentacles.

Was thinking it was just an amorphous mass, like:

Had to look at a larger image to see the hair and figure out the white space was, in fact, your chin.

Know how people see human faces and figures in clouds and on toast and stuff?

Yeah, I see eldritch abominations.

I should probably be concerned. Or to stop with my latest binge of Cthulhu Mythos stuff.

But I thought you liked hairy tentacles?!?!?! :rainbowlaugh:

IDK, with Epsy, it'll be like being groped by a ghost, since she does it ninja style. And no, not that sort of ninja, lol.

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