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So, the new movie. · 9:28am Oct 8th, 2017

Animation: On point
Story: Not bad, could be better. Major plotholes and leaps.
Villians: YASS, BABY.
Animation: UNF.
Songs: Pretty good, didn't hear one I truly disliked.
Animation: Did I mention the animation was good?

9/10, would recommend,
So pop you some corn, and grab a friend!

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Thx for the fav :pinkiehappy:

Thanks for the follow! :yay:

Thanks for the fave on The Twilight Enigma! :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the watch!

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Give this a watch. This really hits home for me.

If you are one of those who are abhorrent of cursing, leave now, and leave the video alone. Otherwise, sit back and watch the events unfold.

Yes, I am in the army (Ahhhh! you betrayer, you promote Jarheads!- SHUT UP). Point and fact. You get stranded and surrounded outside the wire, you never know who is going to save your ass.

If you manage to watch it all the way though, the kudos. Let me know how it changed you. Because I grantee it will at least give you a new angle-if you haven't been on this side of the world before.

Life is not sunshine and rainbows. Life sucks. You're born. You live. Life sucks. You die. What you do with your life, is up to you. Will you live to protect, or live to be protected? Will you support your protectors? Protect them from themselves? Keep them sane? Or will you try and shame them because decisions had to be made that weren't easy, or perhaps right.
Put yourself in their boots. Actually put yourself there. What would you have done? Would you have pulled the trigger? Or would you have let everyone in your vehicle die, or become permanently disabled? Perhaps blind? Lobotomized? Gone, without a shred left to identify them by? Burned to death? Beheaded?

No, I know my path and I know what I would do. Love me for it or hate me, but if you can't stand behind me, feel free to stand in front of me.

What I choose to do is not let my battle brothers go home in a bag or a box.

If that means I go home in one, so be it. At least I made a difference to someone.

I may be in a different branch, but if someone in uniform need help, I won't hesitate to drop what I'm doing and help. Everyone with a uniform is a brother and a sister to me. Black, White, Asian, American, British, New Yorker, Patriots fan, Dodgers fan, etc I DON'T CARE

You are all my family. I may not like you I may hate your guts. But I will always consider you a brother or sister (Or cousin, twice removed).

So. Never forget where you come from.

Never forget those who came before, that gave more than their time.

And never forget who you fight for.

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