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Dustin Lange

The smallest changes can make the biggest difference.

List of stuff in my bucket

[x] 1 follower
[x] 10 followers
[x] 25 followers
[x] 50 followers
[x] 100 followers
[x] 200 followers
[x] 300 followers

[x] 1 story
[x] 2 stories
[] 5 stories
[] 10 stories
[] 25 stories

[x] 1 view
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[x] 100 views
[x] 250 views
[x] 500 views
[x] 1,000 views
[x] 2,500 views

[] Get a story on the popular list
[] Get a story featured

[x] Work with someone on a fic
Six Word Stories

[x] Pre-read for someone
1.)Arch of Shadows
2.)Call of Pony: Zombies
3.)A Stormy Day
4.)The Golden Throne

[x] Become an admin
1.) Luna X Human

I write for fun. I made this list for fun.
Wanna' help me with this list? follow me or read a story of mine!!!


Oh man, this is going to suck. · 10:52pm Nov 1st, 2016

I'm about to get three molars removed.

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Thank you for the follow!

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