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The smallest changes can make the biggest difference.

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Six Word Stories

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1.) Tirek is best Centaur
2.) Friendship is magic (the group for ones who'll do anything for friends)
3.) Luna X Human

I write for fun. I made this list for fun.
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I feel like I'm in the "Twilight Zone." · 2:37pm Nov 9th, 2016

When I woke up and saw this...

All I could hear was this...

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Thanks for the follow. :heart:

:rainbowlaugh: I can't believe I've forgotten to follow you for all this time!


Just let me know if you ever need an ear, or a shoulder, or a hand. I got a guy...:trollestia:


Things have been pretty damn crazy for a while over here. My sister went back to treatment and her daughter is in a temporary foster home. I'm finally finishing high school and am making plans for college.

2448800 Goose! Tag you're it! Now count to ten and then go get the flag! :rainbowlaugh:

Why you no blog? I need something to read while waiting for the latest nark to squeal... :moustache:

Have you not received your, incentive, yet? :pinkiegasp:


Thanks for the watch

2383446 Because I just sat down in my duck slippers and they're really comfy...


thanks for following me bae :heart:

Don't make me come looking...


2360185 yeah... just not my favorite lol

That last one was actually the very first one I used. My friend suggested I use that one.

2360182 lol good avatars... save for that last one down there. Not much one for sexualization of ponies

Yeah, those are all pics I've used as avatars here.

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