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Dustin Lange

The smallest changes can make the biggest difference.

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1.) Luna X Human

I write for fun. I made this list for fun.
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Haven't seen that video in years! Cracks me up every time! :rainbowlaugh:

Same. My family and I have been self quarantining since early February. None of us have gotten it, or if we did we didn't show any symptoms.
I just worry for my mom and Niece. If they got it they'd be in a bad spot. Especially my niece with her heart problems.

I've mostly been doing stuff around the house and playing videogames to pass the time.

Oh you know, the usual... :trollestia:

Just trying to stick with the essentials during these troubled times...


Hey, sorry it's been a while. Been going through some shit lately, as is normal. Lol

How have you been, Mr. Dollars?

you feel a stick poke the side of your face



Thanks for the follow!!! I got another story coming soon so stay tuned!^^

Thank you for the fave on Spells and Rainbows!!^^

Eyes dart back and forth for a moment...



There have been rumors that you've also had dealings in ¥; any comments on that Mr. Dollars?

Due to recent, economical uncertainties, the conglomerate of Dollars Industries has been, encouraged, to redistribute a considerable number of its assets overseas. We can neither confirm nor deny any conections between this and our recent, re branding... :coolphoto:


Using £ instead of $ to sign definitely surprised me! Lol

Dear lord, I've become predictable!

To the field of torturous tormenting!

I shall remain here until I once again find within me the means to surprise you!

Looks like I have a new song to learn now. Absolutely beautiful.

As I expect from you, Dollars! :rainbowlaugh:


About like that... :moustache:

Just surviving off the remains of my enemies...


It has been a long time, that's for sure. I've been pretty good, just busy with work and family. Same old stuff, different year. Lol :rainbowlaugh:

How have you been?

Oh, I was just creeping my way through the neighborhood when I realized how long it's been. Just thought I would, check in on you... :trollestia:

How are things going?

Hey Dollars, what's going on man?

Your window slowly slides open and a stick reaches in...

Poke poke

Then it slowly retreats and the window shuts...


  • Viewing 1,559 - 1,578 of 1,578
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