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I'm a quasi-professional internet technologies specialist who dabbles in fanfiction. I write, draw, and sometimes edit. When I'm not creating, I'm sleeping. Mornings are my mortal enemy.

L0rd0f7hund3r, in a nutshell

Age: 35
Gender: Male
Occupation: Freelance Computer Geek
Favorite pony: Fluttershy
Favorite princess: Luna
Favorite Crusader: Sweetie Belle & Apple Bloom
Favorite Background Pony: Dinky Doo/Derpy Hooves

Calling me a geek or gamer is actually something of a compliment to me. :twilightsmile: I'm a former milbrat, so those experiences have wormed their way into my mindset, although I've never enlisted into any branch of the military. I like guns, but I'm no NRA, Second Amendment nut. If anything, I defend the 2nd Amendment because I wanna own some katana eventually.


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Still Alive! · 7:51pm Mar 27th, 2018

Please excuse me for my absence. I haven't had a network where Fimfiction hasn't been blocked in a long while. To be perfectly honest, I'm typing this blog entry on a new(ish) smartphone. Anyway, I'm still working on Friends With Benefits. Chapter 42 is finished; I've started work on chapter 43 this weekend. I intend to complete up to Chapter 45 before publishing any updates. Summer Grasses will get updated as soon as I can get FWB updated. All other work will continue shortly afterward,

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2438554 Oh, you'll see me in the comments soon enough...

Thanks so much for adding Equestria Girls and the Golden Bell to your ongoing favorites folder. And hope to see you in the comments as well!!

2437210 The pleasure was all mine. :raritywink:

Story Approver

Thanks for the favorite! :twilightsmile:

Do you have a link to the stories where celestia was the evil alter ego one who was banished instead of Luna?

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