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What I do: Proximity Zero. If it's closer than a parsec (3.26 lyrs) I'm not all that interested!

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Wow, Sir Chaos Omega made a TV-Tropes page for the story! Thanks! · 1:58am October 7th

Wow, Sir Chaos Omega made a TV-Tropes page for the story! Thanks!

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Nope. Born in Wisconsin, raised in Texas and Arizona. All USA.

Out of pure curiosity, I wish to ask a question:

Are you an east-asian? I ask this question because some of the phrases and expressions you used in your story sound relatively similiar to some in fictions written in Chinese or Japanese.

If you look at the number of up-votes vs views, you'll see that most stories run about 5-10% of the views as up-votes. Mine is nearly 17%.

The first chapter came our on Apr. 11, and it took until Jun 11, to hit 100 up-votes, at which point I said "I'll post a new chapter every 100 up-votes" and a LOT of people responded to that incentive. After that, a new 100 up-votes hit every two weeks because I published a new chapter twice a week, and offered a bonus chapter every 100 up-votes. That has started to slow down now.

So publishing twice-a-week, and offering additional chapters when hitting set goals, drove those numbers. Naturally, it helped that the people like the CMC and the way I was treating them. My treatment of Harry gets a lot of criticism (que the current Gary-Stu debate), but overall the characters seem to be reacting the way they do in the books and episodes, so I don't piss-off people having them do unrealistic things or act out of character.

It also helps that the my spelling and grammar are not a serious problem.

Magic School Days is liked by a lot of people, but it is weakened by the lack of a true plot, and the constantly changing POV characters and situations throws a lot of people off the story.

Quick question. How in the hell is your first damn story so good that it has over 800 upvotes, 55 chapters in only a few months, and more than 7000 comments? Because whatever the hell you're on, I want some!

TThe Encounter
Barefoot, nearsighted and lost, a young man wakes to find his life has drastically changed.
Winter_Solstice · 70k words  ·  244  33 · 4.6k views

Thank you for Favoriting my Dark Adventure!

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