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What I do: Proximity Zero. If it's closer than a parsec (3.26 lyrs) I'm not all that interested!

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Wow, Sir Chaos Omega made a TV-Tropes page for the story! Thanks! · 1:58am Oct 7th, 2018

Wow, Sir Chaos Omega made a TV-Tropes page for the story! Thanks!

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I know your busy and all but if possible would you please provide an update if you are doing a If Wishes Where Ponies 3 and how it is going?

I would like to thank you for taking the time in writing your story If Wishes were Ponies . . . ., If Wishes Were Ponies, Book II, They were fun reads, great retelling, you've done a good job in catching the blending the worlds and making use of their respective times and property.
I have deiced to write now because I've joined your group and I saw that you have a non-cannon section. I do confess that I would like to do that myself but until I saw that folder I just thought of it as a pipe dream.
Still, this is just me talking for now and I would like to talk to you.

I've also read your other stories as well, I've enjoined them too
The Triwizard Pony.
The Colossus

Thanks for everything

Hey, thanks for the comments you provided on my Jedi Lyra story. I don't have an editor so I try to make due with my own abilities (and the two alpha readers I have). I'm a busy man, but I will make those corrections whenever I can. Whatever your opinion is on my story, thank you for the feedback.

Indeed, you've done nothing to make me stop reading yet, and in fact, have only gotten better as your stories went on...if you're curious, what made he stop reading Magical School Days was Madgah...that was not kosher at all. You, however, have made this quite good. I enjoyed all 3 stories so far in the HP cross over setting, both the main two, and the Triwizard, and am looking forward as this continues.

  • Viewing 50 - 54 of 54
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