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A teller of tales, whenever I can manage to find my quills and inkwell, that is! Send me a PM if you want to chat!

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The Comprehensive List of Equestrian/Pony Names

One of my greatest accomplishments ever, I'd wager. Need a name for an OC? Looking for inspiration for a name for your OC? Just bored?

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How is Everyone and the Fandom Doing? (Yes I am not dead! :D) · 11:40pm May 10th, 2018

Been a while! How have you all been?

I have been around but not as busy with my own writing as I'd like, as you can see, due to me being a lazy slacker and rarely finding the time for it. On the bright side I have been very busy lately with joint projects with friends which is a wonderful delight to me, the writing is happening even when it is not!

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Luna. Halo. Tesla. Ponies. Elder Scrolls. Warhammer. Fallout. Mass Effect. Dragon Age. If you like any of these things or more, then we're going to get along swimmingly!

I am Word Worthy, simply Word, or Louis to those who know me well. Fanfic writer of two years, a general writer for far longer, and a (somewhat) prolific former editor on here under varying credits. I am an admin (not as busy of a job as it sounds) of the groups 333 and Lyra's Library, keeper of a list of MLP Generation Four names (Mostly for ponies, but currently branching off into different species), and like to think that my main specialization is crossovers!

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