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Word Worthy

A teller of tales, whenever I can manage to find my quills and inkwell, that is! Send me a PM if you want to chat!

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Gmail: spartanivcommanderomega@gmail.com
Discord: WordWorthy#4943 (might be spaced, don't remember.)
FanFiction: Word Worthy
Xbox Live: Samurai47
Steam: Aloysius
DeviantArt: Word Worthy

The Comprehensive List of Equestrian/Pony Names

One of my greatest accomplishments ever, I'd wager. Need a name for an OC? Looking for inspiration for a name for your OC? Just bored?

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Four Years, Four Long Years! · 2:54am August 1st

That's how long it's been since this account began.

What a ride thus far! As of 18th of July, I have been active on this crazy and awesome site for four whole years. It is true what they say, it goes by so fast!

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Extra Bio!

Luna. Halo. Tesla. Ponies. Elder Scrolls. Warhammer. Fallout. Mass Effect. Dragon Age. If you like any of these things or more, then we're going to get along swimmingly!

I am Word Worthy, simply Word, or Louis to those who know me well. Fanfic writer of two years, a general writer for far longer, and a (somewhat) prolific former editor on here under varying credits. I am an admin (not as busy of a job as it sounds) of the groups 333 and Lyra's Library, keeper of a list of MLP Generation Four names (Mostly for ponies, but currently branching off into different species), and like to think that my main specialization is crossovers!

Over the Hills and Far Away

Behold, one of the greatest HiE's ever made!

Best of the Best

↓ Brilliant fics by hardworking ladies and gents. Surely they're worthy of your attention? ↓

Cool Stuff to Check Out

  • Always When Severus Snape died, he did so with many regrets. And we all know that death can do...funny things to those with unfinished business. And, stuck in a bright, garish world surrounded by creatures more infantile than any first-year, now so does he. by Vlad 8,640 words · 6,653 views · 1,126 likes · 46 dislikes
  • Metro: Retribution Artyom's sacrifice at D6 wasn't the last chapter of his story. A Metro/FiM crossover. by RF and AG 193,553 words · 21,011 views · 680 likes · 32 dislikes
  • ARTICLE 2 An alien crash lands in Equestria. It calls itself human. by Muppetz 185,629 words · 51,805 views · 4,619 likes · 147 dislikes
  • Nyx and the Sunset Motherless, afraid, starving and alone. Nyx is only a little girl, forced to live on the streets of Canterlot City. Disregarded by everybody the young girl is sure to die, had she not been found by the only one who took time to notice her. by Chaos Phantasm 41,213 words · 3,359 views · 121 likes · 10 dislikes
  • The Noble Guardians There is a legend. A legend of six heroes, but they are not the Elements of Harmony. They are Noble. by nobreiner 107,996 words · 13,219 views · 1,285 likes · 57 dislikes

Stories I've Edited & Collaborated On

  • No Longer Displaced Sass, science, and surviving basic! That seems like the perfect formula for a pegasus professor out of her element, a gruff captain 1,000 years from home, and a clever princess who has probably read too many romance novels. There are pancakes, too! by NoLongerSober 71,790 words · 2,528 views · 256 likes · 8 dislikes
  • Reining Butterflies // Miraculous Ladybug, Ponified! \\ Giya and Dato only want to make their mark on the world. And, with the return of an ancient (and deadly) evil, they may just get the chance to do so—as Equestria's newest superhero duo, of course! by Aeluna 11,818 words · 195 views · 12 likes · 1 dislikes

Stuff People Like Apparently

  • Night and Shadow: The Fall of Luna and Sombra A thousand years ago, Luna and Sombra's love was unbreakable. But when fate and Nightmare Forces cruelly conspired to pit their noble intentions against one another, an entire empire vanished from the face of the world. by Word Worthy 2,033 words · 839 views · 23 likes · 2 dislikes
  • Return of the Makers Luna encounters a mysterious group of simian visitors claiming to be ponykind's ancient creators. Wait...what? by Word Worthy 3,677 words · 3,753 views · 207 likes · 14 dislikes
  • In Amber Clad What if all suits of armour had a soul? by Word Worthy 1,484 words · 1,429 views · 220 likes · 3 dislikes
  • Vikings in the Castle While the Princesses and their staff are away until the Castle's recent parasprite problem can be dealt with, a group of confused Viking warriors suddenly appear in the royal kitchen. Massive property damage soon follows. by Word Worthy 2,244 words · 2,094 views · 174 likes · 5 dislikes

Even More Cool Stuff to Check Out

  • Artemis Fowl: The Equine Dominion Artemis finds himself searching for wealth in a rather interesting land. by _No_One_Remains_ 80,579 words · 6,644 views · 502 likes · 29 dislikes
  • Dr Sheldon Cooper goes to Equestria An obsessive physicist gets transported to a world of technicolor equines, and scientific anomalies. by Lancelot 40,810 words · 11,965 views · 1,035 likes · 111 dislikes
  • Crossing the Divide Hiccup and Toothless journey to an unknown land, never imagining what they would encounter or whom they would encounter. by RF and AG 83,049 words · 8,197 views · 652 likes · 51 dislikes
  • Hell's Kitchen: Equestria Gets Burned Hell's Kitchen, one of the world's most popular cooking competitions comes to Equestria! Two sides pitted against each other, friends battling one another for a chance to win the prize... by GhostofSandwich 11,026 words · 5,566 views · 375 likes · 21 dislikes
  • The Commander of Shepherds An amnesiac Commander Shepard has been living and thriving in the Everfree Forest for several months. Saving the life of a passing pegasus sets a chain of events in motion that could change Equestria forever. by pchn00 136,754 words · 17,842 views · 2,046 likes · 61 dislikes

Words' Literary Vomit Extravaganza!

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you are very welcome I hope you enjoy my stories I look forward to reading your comments about them. :twilightsmile:

Thank you for the watch. I look forward to reading your stories. :twilightsmile:

Also, you are very welcome for the follow :yay:

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