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RF and AG

Life gave me lemons, and with them I made horsewords. Try and figure that out.


Moulded by the harsh environment of a post-apocalyptic Moscow, Artyom was always the man to do what it took to get the job done; anything to protect the Metro and all of those that would rebuild humanity. He destroyed the Dark Ones to protect mankind and the final stand at D6 was no different. Faced between letting the Communists control the entire Metro and destroying the easiest method of sustaining thousands of people, Artyom took the route of sacrifice by killing himself and destroying D6.

So was the end of his journey ... in Moscow. Lost in a new world, Artyom is faced with surviving in a foreign environment. How can a man born in war and violence survive in a land where such are nearly alien concepts? One thing is certain, he must survive for he won't get another chance.

A Metro/FiM crossover following the ending of Metro: Last Light. If you haven't played the game than you will be in for some spoilers.

*Note* There is Russian used in the words, they will be roughly translated at the end of each chapter. The Russian is used as flare, all important things will be in English. If the Russian is used in an important part, it will be reiterated in English.

Edited by AuthorGenesis, Word Worthy as well as Toothless the Night Fury . Many thanks to them.

Pre-read by VasQwibQwib
Russian help fromSnorting Gentleman, The Boorywooch
Additional Russian help and Pre-read by Andrey_159

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No part of his body was left with a few traces of Soviet blood.

They're not the soviets, they're the Red Line.

The сын сука that had caused this entire war

Сукин сын.

Dude, I am a big Metro fan and I want you to write this story. Please?

- The Good Doctor

2913386 Thanks for the help on the Russian. With regards to the whole Soviet/Communist/Red Line thing, I was just mixing it up with the names of that faction.

I might be mistaken but I think a character refers to them as Soviets. Might be wrong:twilightblush:

But what if I didn't kill anything (even mutants? come on now metro >:() and got the good ending where the dark ones appear and stop the reds?

I can help you with translations. Russian is my first language so yea. Contact me on skype: poisonstreet

Artyom usually calls them 'Reds'. I mean, the Soviet Union is long gone in Metro universe.
But anyways, do continue, this is pretty nice so far.
I've managed to beat the game two times, once on ranger hardcore, got to the good ending. But I think the 'bad' ending I've got during my first play-through is far more epic. Made me feel feels.

A bit of trivia: For some reason the english version of the game is different in terms of character dialog, they say one thing in russian voice-over, and the subtitles show something entirely different. :twilightsmile:

Soviet's warm my heart, with butter. *Auto tune*

2913783 Well than you have created an alternate universe in which Artyom was not a dick :pinkiecrazy::rainbowlaugh:

No. 'Cause I'm so close to toast.

We want more!

Did anyone else read the description in Artyom's voice?

On with the show.

2914263>>2915413>>2913493 You want more? More you say?:pinkiecrazy:
Well you know what?!
More is on the way!:yay:

2914525 Honestly, when I first re-read my description I read it in Ron Perlman's voice from the openings of Fallout :rainbowwild:

2913785 I probably won't contact you via skype if I have an issue; probably via a message here on fim. :twilightsheepish:

2914238 Don't burn. I'm not a fan of burnt toast. Tastes like sezuires :ajbemused:


Oh, well. Another Metro crossover. :ajbemused:

Author... Just... Please tell me this....

Is Artyom going to go soft in the next chapter and forget everything and be all happy and shit. Because every story is like that and it pisses me off!:flutterrage:

But good chapter lad :twilightsmile:

2915912 I'll have you know that I am not a lad. Add a y to that please hehe.

Anyways, what I will tell you is that Artyom will not go soft on you but he also realizes innocence. That is all I can say.

For the love of God please dont let the ponies speak English.

I haven't finish with Metro: Last Light yet so I don't think I would be reading this just yet, but I'll read it once I'm done.


when can we expect the next chapter?

MOARRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!! if you wouldn't mind that.

-The Good Doctor

2917872 AJ...who said anything about AJ? :pinkiecrazy:

2917919 Dude she the only one in ponyville that we know that have one

2917970 That we know of. I won't say much more. You will see stuff later :raritywink:

No, he does beat boxing while I sing in auto tune to the tune. *Auto tune*

So far the story is good enough. It flows properly and there aren't any grammar issues that were significant.

The only problem I had was how he reacted to the radiation in the new world... which was none. With the supplies and equipment that Artyom had, a geiger counter was one of them. He should have noticed before unless he mistook the Everfree forest air as radiation.

Then there's the worry that this will become just another generic HiE where Artyom meets the mane 6, befriends them, have a party by you know who:pinkiecrazy:, the whole shebang. Then there's the situation where the first contact goes wrong and they become hostile, then there's a party after the problem is solved. The problem with some crossovers is that the characters the authors are trying to incorporate into Equestria, a lot of them become generic. Bad a:yay: character comes in, becomes friends with a lot of ponies and pwns many bad guys. Then there's the epic character that all the ponies pity because he's been through hell, tartarus and back through both of them again.

Which is why crossovers can be frustrating. Its like trying to fit two puzzle pieces together in a way that looks nice. Using AU is like cutting the corners to make them fit. If it's not done right, the story becomes terrible.

SO first thing to do is to when fitting the two worlds together is to find out how the story will end. There needs to be some conflict that relates to the Metro game. There the scenario where some bad ugly or bad people accidentally follow Artyom to Equestria. Probably leftover Reds that died like him. But that's been overdone. Equestria is about to go to war and he's the only one with the proper war mentality to prepare for the worse? Also overdone... You need something more than just a, "and they lived happily ever after," ending. Hopefully you're up to the challenge.

I just hope you can add something new which can make this story good.

2918193 Trust me when I say that I am trying my hardest not to have any generic cliches to this story. I've stated this to my editor before and I guess I will say it now but there is 100% no chance that there will be immediate befriending on Artyom's behalf. I have a plan for what Artyom will be doing. :raritywink:

Also there will be no parties for Artyom....sorry Pinkie. :pinkiesad2:

Now regarding the radiation itself, I honestly forgot entirely about the gieger counter but this was mentioned in an Overly Extensive Editor thread that I could make the air hostile to him. It is implied that it is and I unfortunately missed a plot point on that part.:facehoof::raritycry:

That was just a small detail that you can edit out if you ever feel that the chapter was less than satisfactory. Aside from that, the story is progressing well enough. I'll have to read a few more chapters before I can make my decision.

2918184 Got Drums, you are one of the most random people I have ever met:rainbowlaugh::heart:

Random is as random gets. *Auto tune*

I like this story, Just remember that he speaks Russian and not English so it must be a communication problem between him and the ponies. That's what people that writes a metro crossover always forgets. They think that he speak English while the original game is on Russian. it would be fun to actually read a metro crossover who for once remember that.

2918323 :facehoof: Unfotunately I'm one of those people.Though my head canon allows myself the leeway on that. My head canon is he knows English enough due to there actually being a lot of English speaking people in the Metro. :twilightsheepish:

I kinda messed it up but I'm going to need to re-write dialogue anyways. It will end up being the most broken English I can make:rainbowdetermined2:

2918357Come on, it'll be better if he only speaks Russian to them. it would also be original because like I said before, everyone makes him speak English instead of Russian. but whatever you choose is alright, but it would be better of if he only knew Russian

The last part in the video game. ( P.S. There are spoilers in it that aren't above.)

2919416 I honestly preferred this ending. Had more emotion to it and that amazing sense of finality. :twilightsmile:

I did everything good in this game.
I only knocked people out.
I was nice to people.
I gave random people money.
I explored almost every area.
But I got too many lap dances so I got the bad ending.
Damn sexual urges.

2919526 Wait...what? Too many lap dances? :rainbowderp:

I had no idea that those counted against the morality:pinkiegasp:

Nooo its not the Crikens Artyom...

DUDE i loved metro last light. i am looking forward to reading this:twilightsmile:

good story so far keep it up my friend:twilightsmile:

2920677 It'll be more like, "you don't get a party." You'll see in later chapters.

2920684 now I'm worried what he's going to do wrong....

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