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RF and AG

Life gave me lemons, and with them I made horsewords. Try and figure that out.


Sometimes there are moments in life that seem inconsequential, yet hold more significance than some can comprehend.

Big Mac knows this all too well.

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I like this story. I have trouble finding the right words to describe this story. It's moving. It shows that people need to take time out of their day and spend it with family and friends, because they won't always be there, so try to make lasting memories so that you can never forget times like those.

Great story. I really needed something to calm me down after watching "The Hateful Eight" and this did just the trick.

Read title.
Read description.
Looked at picture.

Is this going to be about how the Apple parents died by getting struck by lighting while sitting on the porch or something?

*Heavy breathing*

Nope, not that blatant. It's slightly bittersweet in what the topic is but nothing that outright.

Heavy Breathing: Check
Misty Eyes: Check
Happy/Sad Feels: Double Check

Final Verdict: Happy (with a new look at life... I'll remember this story forever) 10/10 :pinkiesmile:

Bittersweet and lovely, the road goes ever on..........

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