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This story is undergoing a massive rewrite. Expect everything to change soon.

A Russian MVD Spetsnaz team is sent smashing into the ground after the Mil Mi-24 they were in was knocked out of the air. A short time later, the crew and passengers wake up to find themselves in the wreck of the helicopter - but nowhere near Moscow.

As they desperately attempt to find out where they are, they will discover that they are not alone: Other humans have also found themselves in similar situations. However, these disorganized forces may soon be fighting for their survival, against an enemy that they could never have planned for...

The original version of the story, as published 2013-2015, can be found here for those that want to read it as it was. Editing on the original story was done by The Rainbow Brony, and I am thankful for the time that he put into the story to make it better than it would have been otherwise.

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Comment posted by Merchent343 deleted Jun 22nd, 2013

Interesting, I've been working on my own Russians in Equestria stories, though its a bit more than just one spetznas team that goes into Equestria.

I shall be reading this shortly, I'm curious.


When I'm not writing my other stories, I'll be working on this. My other stories, however, have been shoved out of the way for the past three days, so I'll get back to them, updating a bit more slowly on this now. The next two chapters are mostly planned, all I have to do is write them out.

I would recommend that you make each chapter atleast 1k words long.


The lengths will vary. I'm going for the 1k to 2k range now that I've gotten past the beginning chapters, which were all VERY pre-planned to have very specific events inside of them.


Nobody really cares about whether they are 1k or 2k words long, people start complaining when they're under 1k.


Thankfully, that time should be over. That's why I released all of the early ones en-mass: Many are short, and, yet again, pre-planned for certain events to happen. Only two more chapters remain to be written that have a set pattern, and after that, the story will evolve outside of any restrictions, ect ect.

US and Russia are allies? Sounds good to me.


Ace Combat: Assault Horizon.

US and Russia are fighting against the New Russian Federation, a coup attempt orchestrated by a prominent Russian general, and partially led by a disgruntled pilot named Markov.

Yeah. Russia and the US are allies.

By the way, how do you all like the detail I put into this? Specifically in chapter four.

Listing major points:

20 mins spent researching 'Land Warrior' concept

10 mins spent looking up Russian electronics stuff

30 mins spent brainstorming one paragraph describing the set (I had so... much.... trouble describing how the microphone connects to the helmet, before i said 'fuck it' and went with wires)

20 mins spent coming up with all of the details

Overkill much?


When you're bored as hell, and want to prevent any possibility of them ever coming back, what do you do?

You can:
A) Kill them and leave any chance of peaceful relations out the window, as well as cause huge search parties to look for you.
B) Scare them half to death and cut the possibility of search parties by a huge margin, unless they're retarded, in which case you scare the next two or three to death and they stop. Sort of like a haunted house. There will still be one or two teenagers that will enter, but the overall effect will cause everyone who knows better to stay away.
C) Leave them the hell alone and hope they don't find you (not much of an option).

The PSO-1 scope and Silencer screwed on the barrel designated him as the marksman, as well as the leader of first squad.

That thing is a muzzle brake, not a silencer.

Giving out a low sigh, Bogdanov looked down and began to retrieve his weapon. He took it off its mounted strap and unfolded the stock. His PP-2000 was in its usual good condition, and the red dot sight was undamaged, as he expected. He grabbed eight clips for it that he stored (twice the usual amount), and put the other spares inside of several pouches on his vest.

Meanwhile, Sokolov gingerly lifted his MTAR-21 out of its slot by the seat. It was a good gun, designed by the Israelis, and was of a standard bullpup design. The holographic sight was in perfect condition, unharmed by the crash. He grabbed the clips that he stored by the rifle, all four of them finding their way to his pouches.

“Are we done?” Novikov asked impatiently as he waited for the pilots to stop inspecting their weapons and gathering their things.


The thing is, Tolkien has never mentioned the fact that Aragorn was wearing pants. Not that it matters, Aragorn is a great character, pants or not. In here, you're spending way too much time talking about their equipment, not about your characters themselves.

“ fucking wolves made out of fucking wood.”

So are your characters. Third chapter and no character development whatsoever.


I meant that there was literally a silencer on the end. I wasn't referring to the muzzle brake (and I know perfectly well what that is).


I know.


Later. Their attitudes will come out during dialogue.


Who cares about overkill?

this is badass:rainbowdetermined2:keep it up


Thanks, I plan on it. Right now, I've done three chapters for two stories in one day. I need some off-time. Any and all STALKERS, expect me to come your way.


Thanks. Expect the next chapter some time in the next few days. Right now, I'm going to work on my upcoming fic (a brief preview of which is here).

I like it, keep going.

Yes more.... more.....HEHEHHEHHEHEHEHHHEHEH Well. i'm tired need another swig of Dr.Pepper. :ajsleepy:

By the way, what does everyone think of my depiction of some futuristic things (IE, the 'Net' systems and the Sonic Incapacitation Weapon)?

Man ponies must have some really small brains to not take a hint.


They're too stubborn. Sometimes.

Soldiers are trained to go days without sleeping, special forces even more.


I know.

But I would think that they prefer sleep.

Think about this: When they went to sleep that one night, they got only a few hours before they needed to move. Once they assaulted and got on the train, no time to sleep. In Canterlot, moving all over it, still no sleep. Extraction, moving away, and still no sleep. And the combat in the latest chapters? Still no sleep.

Soldiers also often learn to take rest where they can, especially if they know they might be up for a few days.

Anyway, thanks for the constructive criticism. I wish more people would bring stuff like that up.

i like where you're going with this keep up the good work
i like the american, russian style going on and its going at a great pace not too fast and not too slow
along with it not going with the "make contact first deal" every fanfic has i like it.
dont get me wrong i like the normal "make first contact with the ponies and they become friends then they try and find a
way to get home blah blah blah" it just gets old and repetive

Wafflez out :rainbowdetermined2:


Personally, peaceful 'first contact' scenarios are too common.

So are ones where they are instantly hostile.

I think you see a fair mix of reactions (Sokolov interested, Kozlov hating them, ect), and, when it eventually comes to the point where they have to defend themselves, you see a fair mix of reactions as well.

So I'm going for a bit of a mix here, if that makes any sense.

definitely it makes total sense going for a diffrent approach.
i dont know why you're not getting all that publicity you're doing
the best ive seen so far and ive seen alot of war stories they go fine...:applejackunsure:

anyways you're doing the best ive seen dont give up
ive seen alot of good stories end or go on haitus
because they've given up or they dont have the
attention they want.

anyways (2nd time)
keep up the good work i have faith in you :rainbowdetermined2:

Wafflez out


Yep. I promise I won't go on hiatus, not when I'm releasing at least a chapter a week, and three in the course of five days.

I don't get publicity because, once everybody else is in the spotlight, it becomes hard to shove your own way in. Nobody pays attention to the boxes with updated: They watch the featured.

When i look for ficcs i check updated then featured lol....

2888315 No prob. Good handling of the situation so far, by the way.





I'm sorry the chapters are so short, but that's how I write this.

Oh sweet black Jesus.

I feel slightly happy that the pegasi got mowed down, it's a lot better than other fics where ponies are all powerful and could easily take out soldiers. but I still think, even though it was required for the story to progress like this, that after seeing what the Spec ops guys could do, that the guard would try to talk instead of ignoring the warning. But I love this either way!:scootangel:

The new chapter was well worth the wait. Cant wait to know who/what the frequency was origionating from

:pinkiecrazy:NEED MORE!
Love it, still.

awwww yeah cant wait till the next chapter

What sabban said.

They're called magazines.


... Fuck... How come I always make that mistake?

It's seriously happened on like two stories now. Just another hint that I need a more stringent editing process.

Also, the series has come quite a ways since the first four chapters.

Or the first eight, for that matter.

2953230 Don't worry about it too much, it is a common mistake. Another great chapter, by the way!:twilightsmile:

I would agree with you. There is a marked improvment in quality over the course of these chapters. I like where this is going.
Faved for tacking purposes. I hope you keep it up, Author-man.


I will. Although, at a reduced rate. I have five active stories at this point, and updating them at a constant pace of at least one chapter for each a week (sometimes it gets up to two for each a week) is crazy. It's 5-10 chapters a week, and with a job that takes up 20-30 hours a week, it's quite a bit of my free time I have invested.


Thanks. I hope everybody bears with me. The chapters are quite short on this, but I hope they reveal quite a bit.


Make the chapters longer please! Other than that, I love this story! One of my favorite ones on this site!


I make the chapters to fit a specific topic I want that chapter to focus on. The chapter titles should give you a clue as to what I mean. Also, with my job, I'm having enough trouble writing as it is.