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The state of Nocturne, that of the Lunar Ponies, was dissolved over four hundred years before the reign of Discord began, and quickly assimilated into Equestria proper.

Fast forward two thousand, five hundred years, and the unexpected happens: the Solar Princesses have died of old age, an unprecedented event that throws Equestria into chaos. In the span of a generation, old hatreds reignite, and for a species that is just reaching out towards the stars, it may prove to be a fatal conflict.

The new state of Nocturne is no exception. Divided by ancient ruling houses, and low on resources and moral, they can only watch in envy as the emerging Unicorn, Earth Pony, and Pegasi factions leave the nearly barren surface of Equis for the other planets in their system.

What they need is a victory, a leader, and a cause to rally them. Captain Astral Mist hopes to provide them with all of these, if she survives the coming battles.

And as the ponies clash over petty hatreds, how will the remaining ancients, beings as long-lived as the now-deceased Solar Princesses, react to the descent of their former charges?

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if you want help in brainstorming and fitting this story into a mostly built universe PM me your skype...i am absalutely loveing this so far


As a few notes:
> This story is quite literally in a universe of its' own. This will become far more apparent over time.
> My Skype is kind of openly on my profile because reasons.

Great, awesome. I just wish the chapters were a titty tad bit longer. Also, could you please provide a glossary. I've been able to put up with the terminology confusion up to now, but I'd like and get the story a lot better if I knew what kilo seconds were in space. Anyway, good story. Oh, and before I forget. This is just a suggestion, but I would love it if you explained the lore more. The lore is great already, but I'd love to know how all of the ships and ponies work. I get that its a magnetic lift, but I'd like a better description than that. Anyway, That's all suggestion. I am eagerly awaiting your next update. Maybe you should revoke your sponsorship of "I am very late, forgive me" Industries. they're only slowing you down man. :D


I could do a glossary. Also making a prologue to explain part of the background. Working on this as much as I can: Chapter four was written in five hours, from start to finish.

You did it! YAY!...but now I'm sad. Good prologue anyway.

Did you forget to include the word "wide" When describing the size of the asteroid.

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