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Side-story to Astral Aegis

These 'ponies' as they call themselves, are my new people. I should've seen the malfunction coming. I mean, we had smashed the device we took it from. Now, I'm stuck here in this land with no home, no family, no anything really. I mean, living on the streets is pretty bad too. They're trying to stuff these odd words down my throat. Oh, not to mention, I'm a child. This place is disturbingly odd.
Especially since these ponies haven't seen war, even in my home, it was an occurrence. These ponies are shocked about being attacked for food of all things. Come on, my friend here has it bad enough. Maybe he's just misunderstood. At least he gets a feeling about what I'm saying...

Cover Art courtesy of GhostOfBBQ

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Is this set later in the storyline of the main story, after an event already happened?

Not sure myself, Silvak gave a large area of time it could take place in.

I like this! Lalalalalala, well, here's hoping it will not be cancelled like so many other great stories :rainbowdetermined2:
Actually, I just said that to make sure you don't cancel it, if only to spite me.

I won't be cancelling it.


I think we'll find out later in the story

Also what gender is the

small, somewhat fluffy, creature


Some type of anthro-cat?

Changlings integrated into society, at least partially.

Always fun to have a polymorphed non-human in equestria. Following.

Hmm 23 likes to 0 dislikes.. oh wait it's 24 likes now!

40:1 nice odds!

Exceptional. It stayed 0 dislikes until like 35 or 36.

All within two days. I salute you.

Really like this! But it felt it was being rush?

I think there could have been more added into the story. Plus there isn't like a structure to it, Iike no mention about what the area is like. (Buildings)

But it's a great start!

I agree with Platinum. It seems a tad rushed, but I'll be following this story at least for now.

Really liking this so far.
I can see why people are saying that this is rushed. But honestly, I would say that this is more fast paced than normal fics. Yet, you manage to include enough detail for us to form a willing suspension of disbelief.
I would personally like some more language-barrier interactions.

In a nutshell: very well done, I am looking forward to the next update!

Once this story gets far enough it will most likely join Distorted Fate and Astral Aegis in my Top 5.:pinkiehappy:

Good job on the chapter! Felt way better pace than the last one.

So far I like the story, though you could probably flesh it out a little. As in, the story seems to go by pretty fast with little descriptions of what's going on. To be honest, I would like to see this story updated more often, though it's understandable why it doesn't update often.

7/10 Keep going.

So if I had to guess, it seems like your pony will be playing a big part among the researchers mentioned in the main story, though since we haven't heard of him in that story, he either hasn't got in with the scientists yet, someone else is taking the credit for his inventions, or your story is non canon to the other.

I'm surprised that the MC can read books but not speak the language. Or have the books so many illustrations which explain things unambiguously?

She's a scientist, among other things. She can pick out words and using the diagrams, as there are usually a few in some books, decipher their context. There are a fair number of diagrams and an even larger amount of books.

6852187 I am very sure the main-story hasn't gotten to this part yet. But that will be fixed with the time-skips, I guess

love the story so far cant wait for more.

I take it that, due to the large amount of time skips in astral aegis, it has been hard for this story to progress smoothly and fit with the new chapters. Since the the new sequel is out, cosmic rifts, I hope you can work out something with silvak and keep this story going! :pinkiehappy:

In spite of the tags firmly cementing the fact that I will never read this during my current lifetime, I had to come over and say that the art, despite it's simplicity, is simply phenomenal, it is so simple, yet it conveys so much.

Never fear, this probably won't be continued



I'll believe that only if you never continue this.

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