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This story is a sequel to Metroid Equis

With the culmination of events on the BSL Research Station, Samus Aran is finally able to come back to Equestria, Planet Equis; to come back home. Much has changed in her absence, but it is still the friendly, peaceful, welcoming planet and nation that she left behind two and a half years prior. With the Space Pirate threat neutralized and the secret, illegal Metroid militarization programs destroyed, it appears that Samus can finally take another massive breather with her friends and enjoy some well-deserved rest, recovery, and relaxation. The galaxy is finally at peace.

At least... for a short while.

A new enemy, one much closer to home, soon rears its head, threatening all of Equestria and Equis with complete and utter annihilation. Their mission: revenge. Samus will fight with all of her being alongside her allies against an enemy who would like nothing more than to see all that she holds dear, including her home planet, completely razed. In so doing, her cunning, ever determined enemies unleash a weapon so unexpected, so eerily familiar yet horrifically foreign that even Samus herself just might prefer the late Ridley or the SA-X...

Editing Team: Random_Dragon; ToxiClay

The Metroid Timeline/Chronology (confirmed by Nintendo) can be found here.

Canon Considerations
MLP-FiM: Up to AND including "Magical Mystery Cure." (Seasons 1, 2, and 3)
Metroid Series: Everything up to AND including Metroid Fusion (Including original mangas. See official timeline above). So, effectively everything.

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I've been waiting for this!
Nice first chapter. :pinkiehappy:

Now that is an epic start to this. Can hardly wait for more.

...but with chapters like this, I know you can't keep my writing schedule. :derpytongue2::trollestia:

6294191 I'll NEVER be able to keep up with your writing schedule, you madman!



PS Edit: Twilight is you.:trollestia:


Both of you mad bastards make the best Metroid FanFics.

And Tatsurou, you are a even madder bastard! Pumping out multiple chapters for multiple stories each day! HOLY CRAP MAN! HOW THE HELL DO YOU DO IT!?

Easy. I have no life.

...and like every time someone asks me that question, now I'm depressed...


((In an excited/giddy mood, so due to being around people, I can't be loud excited IRL, so everyone has to deal with it here!))

Noooooooo not the X were is sapphire when you need her

Prepare for an epic story ladies and everyone. We are in for a story tonight.

Samus.... we await your return.

In Ponyville. Where else?

Edit: Oh shit, the X

Really? The Chozo left a lab that contains several specimens of X-Parasites and didn't bother destroying them before flying the coop? I guess even the most wise and revered species always has at least a handful of complete morons in their ranks. :facehoof:

6294411 That COULD be one scenario... but as wise as the Chozo are, would they really WILLINGLY leave them there?

... or did something else happen? :rainbowhuh:

Welp. Time to bring in Sapphire for a BIIIIG lunch.

Well, that was quick. I didn't expect to see the sequel up so soon.l =3

**Grabs his LEGO Metroid Hunter IV moc and gets to reading**



anything but the X (holy crap metroid fusion was graphic, mostly because of the X making zombified creatures of grotesque biomass gave me freaking nightmares dude) shit just got real
gandalfs saying zengardner.com/wp-content/uploads/So-it-begins-the-great-shitstorm-of-our-time2.jpg
weather mans likepbs.twimg.com/media/B878K_uCQAEjvDB.jpg
im likesocioecohistory.files.wordpress.com/2012/04/be_prepared_shit_storm.png?w=380&h=271
alsoi.imgur.com/lHKG5.gif :moustache:

Yeeeessss. This pleases me greatly. And by pleases I mean OH SHIT DON'T LET THEM OUT SAMUS WE NEED YOU NOW PLEASE COME HOME.

But yeah, insta-faved and looking forward to it! :twilightsheepish:


“Yeah,” Windfire nodded in confirmation. “There’s like, five weird runic glyphs of sorts but then there’s a wide space and what looks like an ‘X.’”

“Huh?” Starry asked, not entirely understanding what he meant. Constance trotted over to him to see for herself.

“He’s right. The only thing I recognize is what looks like a capital letter ‘X.’”

OH BEEP!!!! WE NEED MORE METROIDS ASAP!!!!! The X are mindless, not even Fluttershy can tame them!!!! GO EAT 'EM SAPPHIRE!!!!!

6294511 OMG, did you make that yourself????? I am deeply impressed!!!!!

The first chapter posted, and BOOM, we got ourselves in an epic fight. And when the first chapter ended, BOOM, we got ourselves into a whole lot of ‘oooh crap’ situation! Of all the freaking worst things for Equis to deal with, the bloody X Parasites has got to be in the Top 100, if not the Top 10. I’m a bit curious, though, on how those Chozo managed to even imprison those things. Anyways, great start so far, expect an instant like and fave from me.

C&Cs will be PM.

This is all I have to: :pinkiegasp::raritystarry::yay::yay::yay::twilightsmile::pinkiehappy::raritystarry::twilightsmile::pinkiecrazy::raritystarry::raritywink::pinkiehappy::pinkiesmile::pinkiehappy::twilightsmile::raritystarry:

AHHHH!!! No, fuck no NOT THOSE THINGS!!! :raritycry:


“R-Really? This is it?” Windfire spoke up, expressing her doubt at the sight before him.

Windfire is a stallion right? Change her to his.

Aside the typo, not the fucking X-Parasites. It's bad enough Samus had to deal with her Dark Side, but now this? :pinkiegasp::twilightoops:

6295760 Goddammit, it's always something small like that. Patched that one up, thank you.


No problem, and imagine if the X took on the forms of the Mane Six and the Alicorns. Samus will be up shit's creek without a paddle.


Yes I did. =3 You can check out more pics of it here:

X parasites...

X Parasites.......


And that's why we can't have nice things.

6295645if I wasn't wrong, Chozo use Metroid to contain them.


Well, they could be X Parasites, or they could be prototypes for something specifically designed to combat X Parasites.

Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh fuck, the X.....

And another play, for 4 hooves
and the music


6295930 :pinkiegasp:OH MY GOD!!!!!!!! Just the outside was awesome, but seeing the interior... as a Lego Maniac who used to cover his floor in sprawling space bases, I salute you!!!! I'd swear that's an official set made by Lego with how detailed you made it and the scale. Makes the little ships I made when I was a kid seem very very lame!

6296076 Plan for the worst outcome, get surprised by the best outcome.

Well, on the bright side, they already have a metroid friend to help take care of this.

The secret weapon had better not be the chibis from federation force

I was having a small feeling that it would be metroids in the tank because they where described as gelatinous, but turns out to be the X.... fuckin hell man...

well i damn well know one thing for sure... This Shit Gon Be Gud!

Nice to see Vector Squad again, and to finally get to reading this sequel... And already we have the X Parasite in ploy, of course there would be that with the Chozo... I need my bag of popcorn, this is going to get really good.

They wouldn't even bring them there. As dangerous as the X are, the Chozo would never consider removing them from SR-388. They even created the Metroids just to suppress them further.

So this premise is extremely shaky in my eyes.

*curls into a ball and starts rocking back and forth*

oh holy crap, i think i blew my foot off

Upvote and fav just cause i can.

6296621 Your opinion and prerogative. More info will be revealed in due time but the question is indeed, why the hell would they bring them there if the metroids were the final solution.


Is it actually the X Parasite? If it is, the thing that bothers my SoD is that the Chozo would use the human character for X.

6297489 That's why they said it looks like an X. I had to bend a few minor things here and there. Besides, I was hoping the description and imagery I gave off was a dead give-away as to what was actually in the stasis tank.

The cool thing is that people are thinking that the X will be the basis of the story (rightfully so, it sure seems that way!). But that may not prove to be true...

Oh god no

*Nopes the fuck out*

Let do it

.... thank god that Sapphire is around if the foreshadowing is accurate..

Aw hell...

Excited to see where this goes!

And here we go again!!! :pinkiehappy:

Although it's been confirmed by Nintendo that the Power suit did not recover its full functionality after the events of Metriod Fusion. Wonder how that will be handled... :trixieshiftright:

6297943 And the X-parasite. This calls for extreme measures, such as...

...the return of Dark Samus???!!!

Rainbow power purification, GO!!

And thus is born Nara Sumas. In one universe, at any rate.

And I'm betting that Nightmare Hunter will return.


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