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The state of Nocturne, that of the Lunar Ponies, was dissolved over four hundred years before the reign of Discord began, and quickly assimilated into Equestria proper.

Fast forward two thousand, five hundred years, and the unexpected happens: the Solar Princesses have died of old age, an unprecedented event that throws Equestria into chaos. In the span of a generation, old hatreds reignite, and for a species that is just reaching out towards the stars, it may prove to be a fatal conflict.

The new state of Nocturne is no exception. Divided by ancient ruling houses, and low on resources and moral, they can only watch in envy as the emerging Unicorn, Earth Pony, and Pegasi factions leave the nearly barren surface of Equis for the other planets in their system.

What they need is a victory, a leader, and a cause to rally them. Captain Astral Mist hopes to provide them with all of these, if she survives the coming battles.

And as the ponies clash over petty hatreds, how will the remaining ancients, beings as long-lived as the now-deceased Solar Princesses, react to the descent of their former charges?

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Michael has been obsessed with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic for most of his life. To achieve his goal of finally meeting Best Pony, he has taken dozens of University classes, and become the world's foremost expert in portals. One day, he makes his breakthrough, and he can finally enter Equestria...

... For the briefest possible time.

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Valera lives a fairly ordinary life... If you can call one that in the Zone. He has been there for four months now, and knows many of the ins and outs of life in the harsh environment. When he gets a call from the Barkeep to investigate a strange Anomaly, he figures that, aside from the fact that he has an entire Duty squad escorting him, it will be routine.

Until it expands.

Swallowed by the creation of the Zone, he must find a way to survive in what seems to be an endless desert. At first.

A S.T.A.L.K.E.R., Shadow of Chernobyl crossover.

Note: I have included links for those who do not play STALKER, or want a refresher, whenever something I have not mentioned before comes up.

Cancelled, for now.

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This story is undergoing a massive rewrite. Expect everything to change soon.

A Russian MVD Spetsnaz team is sent smashing into the ground after the Mil Mi-24 they were in was knocked out of the air. A short time later, the crew and passengers wake up to find themselves in the wreck of the helicopter - but nowhere near Moscow.

As they desperately attempt to find out where they are, they will discover that they are not alone: Other humans have also found themselves in similar situations. However, these disorganized forces may soon be fighting for their survival, against an enemy that they could never have planned for...

The original version of the story, as published 2013-2015, can be found here for those that want to read it as it was. Editing on the original story was done by The Rainbow Brony, and I am thankful for the time that he put into the story to make it better than it would have been otherwise.

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It was a normal day. Suddenly, Spore appeared.

Don't blame me for this. I had to do it, and there was no stopping me.
In case you haven't gotten over it, this story, in no way, makes any sense.

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