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Sometimes, the hero is the villain.



This story is a sequel to The Rise of a Raven

Corruption. Death. Chaos and division. Such is the state of Equestria, such is the state of the world. A Wasteland where only the tough can survive.

Two hundred years have passed, and two prospecting ponies argue about where to go.

What they do will be but the first step in a long line of dominos.

For this is not the end, no matter what any god may say.

Chapters (13)
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Comments ( 19 )

Welp read the first one now I'm here. I can hope for more fleashing out but if it's in the same style as before it's all good I'll read it anyway

I hate to tell you, but this story probably won’t be continued for another little while, as I am working on another story currently.

Meh no biggy
I'm patient
I promise not to hunt you down for a lynching if you don't post anything for some time :scootangel:

Oh yeah, change of plans, I’m actually continuing this now.

that was a fun read.

if the two factions are actively fighting each other why was the one allowed to extract?

More than likely to avoid collateral damage and not all Steel Rangers are murder happy.

Elder Mass Offense is a soldier from before the nukes fell, and he thusly keeps himself to those rules. Among those rules is that it is illegal to shoot an enemy who is evacuating, especially if they have wounded.

Plus, the medivac had quite large guns strapped to it. If they opened fire, they would’ve definitely lost a few of their own. Also, Crystals are valuable, and wasting them on a retreating enemy would mean they can’t use them when in actual combat.

Well next chapter will be fun.

that makes sense that was not clear before hand

That was a fun read hope to read more soon.

Love the Skyrim reference in this.

More a crossover than a reference, but yeah.

Welp hatchlings blood will be spilled next chapter.:pinkiecrazy:

Conflict resolution was way to quick for my tastes

Yeah, to be fair, it is a bit rushed. However, there is an in universe explanation. Fallout 3, New Vegas, and 4, you can change an entire beings mind with a few words. Skyrim as well. Because Mass Offense was friends with the Dovahkin, he learned the magic of Speech 100. Thus, he is able to resolve conflict quicker. Also, they haven’t really resolved it yet, but they begrudgingly accept each other’s presence.

Raven jumps up as Bedlam flies away with the others. His eyes glow a slight red, and he growls, “She’s betrayed us!”

*Snaps fingers* I killed her. Your welcome Raven.

MORE BLOOD! and was I the only one playing I burn from rwby will reading this? good chapter to. :pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy:

welp ponyville is not what they will think it is anymore.

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