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What just happened? That’s the question.


This story is a sequel to A Raven’s Greatest Flight

The Equestria known before is gone, in it’s place is a wasteland. Nations have ascended from the ashes to lay claim to the world, all cruel and hateful of the old ways. But the old Lords are here to unite them once more.

Ravens Breath is a patient pony, such is undeniable, but he has his limits. Today, a day long awaited arrives...

Chapters (20)
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Comment posted by Arrested4Loitering deleted March 28th

He smiles, and reaches out to strengthen my bow tie, “Relax, Raven. Las chicas probablemente estén preocupadas por sus cabezas allí, pero solo tienes que poner una sonrisa.“ He smirks, and bats my shoulder, “Come on, you’ve faced a literal goddess of fire and didn’t bat an eye. This is a happy occasion, so be happy.”

Umm... translation?

He smiles, “Would the best mare- oh wait, things are different here.” He clears his throat, “Would the best stallion please present the rings?”


“The girls are probably worrying their heads off over there, but you just have to put on a smile.”

The one I gave to Raven is blessed with the fire of the sun, and if you click that button there, it will create a blade of that plasma. It will melt and kill any hit with it.

You just had to have at least one lightsaber in your stories didn't you :facehoof:

Also there is a grammatical error in this sentence

Then the Courier comes up to his own portal. He tips his hat, “Time for me to go as well I suppose. Take care.” He takes a step through the portal, before leaning back out, “Oh, yeah, I can do babysitting anytime.”

Behold, the best babysitter, guaranteed to blow up your house at least 49274972 times an hour

I hammer a post into the ground with my hooves, Rattle stands nearby to stick the turret onto the stand. As I do this, I hear hooves walk up next to me, “Brass, we’ve got a problem.”

Hi brass

He laughs, “You have been a thorn in our side. Now, with my superior dead, I rise to lead the Legion. I, the new Princeps Saeva, Monstra Saeva herby declare war upon this pitiful town of New Life!”

Why didn't they just kill him right then and there?

I stand up, and walk down the throne to the Orc who said it, “Then we’ll let him come. He shall see that Orcs are not so easy to kill, that it’ll take more than a nuke to kill us. Let him despair upon sight of Orcus Crete and a nation of Orcs that survived better than his pitiful ponies.”

Still need to read orc's breath... and dna

His smile seems to be towards me, like he knew it’d be here when I saw him. It’s the face of someone who’s won a long fought argument, smug and very satisfied. I stare right back into his eyes, “Edis, God of Endings. Of corse you followe me here. You told me what would happen to Tel’la De Rus. You were right in the end.”

Who? :rainbowhuh:

It is Edis, God of Endings. He is mentioned by Raven in ‘Rise’s first chapter.

Edis is an old god from Tel’la De Rus, one of Endings. He told Raven what would happen should he decide to be killed by the heroes. The smug look is because he knows he was right, and now Raven sees that he was as well.

He draws his sword from it’s sheath, and he levels it at me, “I am Ghorbash the Iron Hand, and I shall have vengeance for my brother! Your spells shall break! Your bones shall chill! Your soul is mine to steal! My Voice shall tear you asunder!”

I don't know why, but I could only think of one thing as I was reading this paragraph

He doesn’t stop though, his Thu’um stronger than ever thought possible, all due to his rage, “Krii Lun Aus! Strun Bah Qo! Fus Ro Dah! Gaan Lah Haas! Joor Zah Frul! Fass Ru Maar! Ven Gaar Nos! Gol Hah Dov!” He pounds on my bubble of bone with his hammer, “Zii Los Dii Du!”

There it is! :pinkiehappy:
(I've never actually played skyrim, my brother ruined it for me... and I don't like open world rpgs)


He swings his magical sword at me once more, his runes glowing brightly. I bring the crystal spear around once more, and touch the hat once more, “¿Así que eres el que mató al anterior propietario de este sombrero? Muy bien entonces, parece que tendré que matarte.”

I shake my head, “No, mi pistola de bengala acaba de golpear la rama equivocada.”

I smile, “No te preocupes, lo tengo esta vez.”

I assume you know what I want

“So you're the one who killed the previous owner of this hat? Alright then, it looks like I'll have to kill you.”

“No, my flare gun just hit the wrong branch.”

“Do not worry, I have it this time.”

The comedian, funny man, the comic relief!

You forgot the for the funny man

I wasn’t thinking straight

Everytime I see this line is think 'there are two jokes I can make with this, but they are so overused it's not even funny.'

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