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What just happened? That’s the question.



This story is a sequel to Dawn’s Break

Two months ago, that is when the Elements were reunited, when the Combine invaded. Last is missing, Survivor is presumed dead, and the Union loses hope every day. Only three free cities still stand.

The Doctor, Kendrick, Jack, Twilight Sparkle, Clyde and Clive, Solare of Astora, The Lone Wanderer, Heavy, Reznov, Mason, Wolfram, Ceaser, and Blue Leader. Hero, Villain, Warrior, Civilian, we don’t care what they were.

The Combine establish themselves, and hunt us down. The Emperor of them a being of unknowable power, their technology greater than anything Equestria was ready for.

We will make our stand against any odds. We can only hope people will hold themselves together long enough so we do not fall.

Cover art made by user SkyeDragon, and I am very greatful for them to allow me to have something actually good looking for this finale!

Chapters (16)
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Comments ( 35 )

With a huge blast of fire, the airship spins out of control. It explodes in a burst of fire, causing a deadly fire.

That's a lotta fire

I look to the battalion commander, “Operation Burned Snow is ready?”

ITS A TRAP! :flutterrage:

And of course your adding your latest fic into this, because why not :trollestia:

you have won the battle, but you have not won the war.

aww I wanted a bar fight

Discord looks up, towards Canterlot, “The Emperor is something greater then anything seen before...”


Hello crossbow, how are you

Ok so now we have the gravity gun... what's the next weapon?

I take a hit of Turbo in an instant, and use the few spare seconds. I reach down to the rating bar, and hold it by the red part.


And the story will soon draw to a close... unless you are planning even more sequels after this one. besides Mcbad's sequel

You saw the Harmonic Blast chapters, you know I am not done.

No. Combine win in 4 hours.

See, against humans they would. We have technology, they know technology. Ponies have magic, they don’t know magic.

And when you have a Empire on your side that has a type of technology never seen before, guards that appear literally anywhere, and outnumber them by 10 to 1, they didn’t stand a chance.

Humans know warfare.

Ponies do not.

Maybe the ones in the show don’t know warfare, but these ones do. Their entire lives they have been under training from a ruthless tyrant to be able to crush any enemy. They are all trained killing machines. Now, humans are better at killing (that’s why they are leaders) but a regular pony civilian is a soldier, so a regular human civilian doesn’t stand much chance.

Less ponies than humans.
Combine don't invade with little itty tiny things the size of a human. They fucking go all out. I bet the sky was nothing but gunships.

The Combine is so fucking large no matter what the ponies do they will drown in them.

It doesn’t matter how many gunships or people you have. The entirety of Earth combined would lose against McBad. His guards are infinite. No matter how many you kill, they can always pop out of the wall right next to you.

The Combines 1 million soldiers doesn’t match anywhere close to the 10 million revolutionaries. And certainly not McBad. They are a nation that is damaged, and the majority of its soldiers and equipment destroyed. Mearly one million remained by Stalliongrad. And after that, only five hundred thousand were left. They were taken by surprise, and that’s why they lost. But even if they were to trade 10 kills for 1 death, they would have lost.

McBad was on the revolution’s side, and his soldiers are infinite. Infinity plus ten million eager ponies beats five hundred thousand demoralized Combine.

Wait, is all the stories so far season 1, or is just this story season 1?

Oh, and the Combine can't get demoralized cause they don't have feelings

Ahh ok... that's gonna be a long season 2

Well, there will be six stories in season two. Season one was eight including this. Three will be six/seven long. Then one or two final stories, depends on how you want to define it.

Wow, you got this all planned out dont cha

I have ever since I finished Raven’s second story. I’ve had plenty of Time to think and plan so the stories will be good. The plots are all interconnected, wich I have to plan for, along with making everything feel smooth.

No wonder you post almost daily

Next time in season 2: blueblood finally dies, cuz screw em:pinkiecrazy:

Well, is death even appropriate for him? For the crimes he’s committed, it has to be worse.


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