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What just happened? That’s the question.



Meet the new bad guy, Eric McBad! He has tried to become a villain all his life, now that he can control an empire, he will make the world bend to his cartoonish villainy!

Chapters (13)
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What did Canada ever do to you (aside from Electing Trudeau)

The boop was so powerful that all of his internal organs disappear.


...Why is this amusing.

thats the thing it has done nothing its like that goody goody rich prep kid who never dose anything interesting. Just pisses you off the dont do anyhting

O upvoted just because of the title for 1st chapter

Comment posted by destinedjagold deleted Jul 24th, 2018

Wierd and silly.....i approve.

...I approve. Thumbs up and tracked!

Oh look. Snidely Whiplash.

Alfred Molina had nothing on Hans Conried.

9057053 Nothing will ever make up for The Bieber.

Omfg, as soon as I saw the picture, the title, and the name of the first chapter, I nearly was put into a coma.

“Uhh... where the feck am I?”


I hold my wand up as I make my final monologue to nobody, “I shall be a pioneer of villains everywhere! I hereby declare that I shall soon make Canada shake in its boots because of my reign of villainy! Ney-he-he-he!”

Tipoff that he is a terrible villain number 1: That evil laugh. It is absolutely TERRIBLE. I do a good evil laugh, and I know a good one when I hear or read it. But this? I would love to teach him how to do a proper one, but he is fictional. Too bad.

He’s a cheesy cartoon villain, his laugh is supposed to be bad.

So much yes. This is so overdone and redundant that it somehow is perfect.

I boop him on the snoot, “Noooooooooooooo!”

very villainous
*twiddles moustache*

I look at the hollowed corpse of what used to be the Emperor, “I want to make a cape out of him.”

that’s just strange

Lightning returns to the crowd, and I hold up my hands, “My name is Eric McBad, I am the new Emperor!” I hold up one finger, “First order of business! The name of this Empire is now the Bananaramma Corporation, and the national anthem is now Bohemian Rasphomy!” I raise a second finger, “Second: the Palace shall now be yellow with black highlights!”

That’s it. This is the best story I have ever read on this entire website.

Second chapter. This is already going in God Tier Favourites after the SECOND CHAPTER.

This is only the second chapter and this story already won me over by how funny, ridiculous and unique the plot, characters and intractions are.

And thus the crystal empire enterd a new glorious banana, moustach and monocle theme related era.

The problem isn't that it's bad, it's that it's unimpressive. It inspires disappointment rather than dread.

Brilliant and very amusing chapter. I'm really looking forward to when the Equestrians meet Emperor McBad, and their thoughts on him.

If he and Discord ever meet I think they would really get along well.

You wanna know where to find/not find/go bananas


Well, if the death tag is only for Sombra, then I think I can follow this, cause it is pretty silly, but, I'd rather that tag not extend to the other characters tagged in this. :P

Yeah, that’s pretty much all it applies to

This "not evil villain" drivel got old really fast. It would have sounded much better if you made an effort to make some arguments on what makes a villain if not his evilness, and not just "it is so because I said so". As it is, McEvil doesn't even look mad just stupid. Villains who try to rationalize their good deeds and lack of evil with efficiency are more entertaining anyway.

“Uhh... where the feck am I?”

First sentence and I’m already hearing the voice of CallMeKevin.

Who do you think was inspiration?

(don’t be silly! I may be a villain, but I’m not evil. I may be a politician, but that demonstrate mean I’m corrupt.)

dont know why, but it sounded better in my head like this... "don’t be silly! I may not be good, but nor am I evil. While I'm not evil, I am defiantly no hero. I, good madam, am a corrupt politician and quite happily so."

but that's just me.
on another note, are you going to use the (100 Things I'd Do If I Ever Became An Evil Overlord.) rules, or just wing it?

I’m winging it all the way

Wouldn’t use that list because that’s for ‘evil’ overlords, this is a ‘cartoonish hijinks’ overlord.

Lightning returns to the crowd, and I hold up my hands, “My name is Eric McBad, I am the new Emperor!” I hold up one finger, “First order of business! The name of this Empire is now the Bananaramma Corporation, and the national anthem is now Bohemian Rasphomy!” I raise a second finger, “Second: the Palace shall now be yellow with black highlights!”


that paragraph has everything good in it

The new flag unfurls itself. A bunch of bananas wearing a top-hat, monocle, and with a smooth moustach on a red and gold alternating background. Obviously, the bananas are just copies of my style.

i want fanart of this
i NEED fanart of this

Well, one thing I know about Canada, no villain has been there yet!

I... what? C'mon man: Snidely Whiplash, classic villain. Almost literally this character in appearance.

...Unless I'm missing the joke and that was intentional. Or this is all a convoluted retcon origin story for him.

This is an... interesting direction. The whole banana theme is a bit odd and unexplained, and will probably get real old real fast, but I'll stick with this for now and see if a plot develops or if it just devolves into more "lol im so random" ramblings.

With this, the beams disappear and I can see her surrender. Six other non-crystal stranger ponies rush up behind her. When my guards burst through at least four differnt walls and five windows to threaten them, they surrender.

I can, without a doubt, say that this is currently the best active story on fimfiction.

I smirk as I see guards emerge from the fucking woodworks. Like, I saw one crawl out of a manhole and another jumped through a wall. These guards are beasts. I see them stick their spears near her face, and she stops her magic. I also do, “ Magus dismissus! ”


This fanfiction is too good to be true, yet it is :rainbowlaugh:

A random orchestra group appear, somehow paying a classical version of Bohemian Rasphomy.

Ok, it's impossible to misspell it like this twice in a row. Why is it like this? Am I missing something? Also, paying.

This is, quite possibly, the most ridiculous story I've read on FimFiction.

And I'm loving every chapter. :raritystarry:


It turns out I didn’t know the true title of the song.

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