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I like a variety of stories, but I enjoy crossovers the most (not counting displaced). As such, I'm only doing crossover stories right now.

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Assuming they were similar to Discord before his reformation, probably absolute chaos with them on top, so I guess a bit of both.


Do Draconequus' want absolute chaos, though, or just a chaotic order where they rule?

Sorry it took me awhile to get back, work and stuff. Well I have to say, this story idea of yours is intrueging, and I'll be sure to check it out if you do decide to make it.
As for the race, I can't really think of anything really much better than your golden idea. I know you said it felt "half baked", but they seem like perfect opposites to Discord's kind.
Though, I do want to bring up something you might want to think about. What if these golems were potential world threats like Discord was? Whereas a draconequus wants absolute chaos, they want perfect order, eliminating any error, big or small, in their ideal world? Some characters in fiction have arrived for that too, and it's just something to think of.

Also, literally as I was on the can, I think I have a more developed plot bunny. Basically, while Discord freaks out over the presence of one of these golems on Equestria, the mane six plus Spike and the two sisters manage to find and confront the Golem who explains that he's not there to harm Discord, but to invite him to the wedding of Discord's sister, Eris.

When asked who she's getting married to, the Golem replies, in typical robotic, Microsoft Sam eseque golem monotone, "ME."

After that wham line fit for a cut to commercial if this was an actual episode, the Golem explains the eternal war between Draconeques' and Golems waging for so long that even the Golems have forgotten what it was about and how, during one particularly fierce battle, he met Discord's sister and fought her, but that after a millennia of fighting, the two got tired and started talking and then love bloomed on the battlefield and they fell in love and then decided to get married. Being that they're both royalty to their respective peoples, the marriage will also be taken as a sign for a ceasefire period known as a 'Harmonic Detente.'

Discord confirms all this for everypony else but then declines because he has issues with his family that lead him to being exiled from the Draconuques home dimension for all time except special occasions like this. However, with everypony's insistence, he agrees on the condition that everypony else is allowed to go with him to, to which the Golem agrees.

Then they go to the wedding chapel, which lays on the converging line between the Draconuques and and Golem home dimensions, and... I dunno after that. Maybe several high ranking people in both sides of the war decide to work together and conspire to stop the message through an act of terrorism/kidnapping or something?

An entire race that is the natural enemy of Discord and his kind. Also, I'm really looking for anything, man. Anything that makes sense and or is interesting. The current placeholder are a race of BIG (by Equestria standards, though they're all only 12 foot tall) golems that look like if the Celestials from Marvel war business suits and acted even more litigious and business like than they already do. So, pretty much, luciferian machine devils in suits.



Which is basically a springboard from my previous placeholder to how Jyggalag, a Daedric Prince of Order from the Shivering Isles expansion pack for The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion and his Knights of Order look.



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