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I like a variety of stories, but I enjoy crossovers the most (not counting displaced). As such, I'm only doing crossover stories right now.

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Eddie Brock and a symbiote bond to make a creature called Venom, one of Spider-Man's greatest enemies/ reluctant allies. Despite their immense irritation, anger, and sometimes downright hatred toward him, both Eddie and the symbiote greatly value innocents. They will go to great lengths to save them, and stop others who wish to do harm upon them. This made Venom one of the greatest anti-heroes, and by some degree, could be trusted.

But when a "mishap" happens during one of their battles, Venom gets whisked to Equestria.
Now, Eddie and the symbiote must find a way back, if it is even possible. But how will the ponies react to Venom? Will Venom still defend the innocent here, despite being ponies who sometimes despise him? Perhaps Equestria could use a lethal protector...?

Update: April 23, 2020. Story will not continue in this fic. for more details, click on the latest "chapter", an update of the current situation.

Crossover of Venom

For those who don't know much about Venom or Spider-Man, you might be thinking I'm using a villainous Venom. I'm actually using modern Venom, who is an anti-hero. Reading the comics isn't required, but I will hint and/or reference them once in a while.

Also, I will go back at some point to edit the first couple of chapters. They don't include my best writing.

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