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Dimmed Star

Used to be named Sylvanpony got bored and copied my steam name :)


Merry Christmas everyone · 1:03pm Dec 25th, 2017

:pinkiecrazy: hope you all have a jolly holiday today :)

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Mostly it was easier to remember than my old one at the time.

Thank you so much for the follow! I hope you enjoy Dead Tree and Bone Daddy or Luna's Marehood :)

Please do drop upvotes on the ones you like and downvotes on the ones you hate! I like honesty in the comments, it helps me be a better writer.
Chapter 25 of Fallout Equestria Dead Tree is out finally! And 26 is going to be finished sometime today, out tomorrow.

New Story, very short one but something I'm proud of, will be coming out right behind it.

Traveling Pony Museum is publishing that one for me too, in hard back.

Come bug me on discord :)


So why did you choose your steam name?

Thanks for the follow!

Hey there! Thanks for the- * does a spit take* D-Dimmed Star!?
* See's name change*
Oh.... ok then lol...
Thanks for the Fav? :twilightblush:

Thanks for the watch!

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