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I'm a pony playing the trombone. What more do you want? Well, I also write stuff sometimes.

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Guess I'm here? · 6:41am Jul 3rd, 2017

Hey guys, so it's been over a year since I've said... really anything on this website. I ain't here though to bust out with "I'm back, and ready to burn through some writing!" or anything. Further from it, I'm afraid. This very likely will be the last thing I put on this website unless I find something that really gets my writing motivation going. I already feel pretty bad about just abandoning the stories that people seemed to be really enjoying and it still astounds me that I come back to

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Hey I really like you overlord fanfic don’t see vary much longer fanfic of that crossover but when people love that game but I will say The game sequel to overlord ending was good but if you ever write another fanfic will be There commenting on it / imperial out

When will the next update of , Evil always finds a way, be . Just wondering is all.:ajsmug:

2015829 You're welcome to post them on your thread in the group. I've been transferring them to google docs so others can see them personally.

Oy, Trom. Do we have to use your system for reviewing or can I post my rage reviews?

Wouldn't hurt to have some variety eh.





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