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I'm a pony playing the trombone. What more do you want? Well, I also write stuff sometimes.


This is such a drag, but if I don't make these things the purple princess will scold me some more.

As if being sent to a world filled with talking, magic ponies and being turned into a sword wasn't enough, but now I wake up after... who knows how long with holes in my memory. A shame one of those holes wasn't through succubus' chest. I guess I'm kind of lucky one of the ponies has magic that can help me, as long as she doesn't bring her friends around that knocked me off a balcony.

When I find Sunny, we're taking a nice long nap. I'm gonna need it after dealing with all of these nut cases.

A Soul Eater crossover.
Part of the Displaced Multiverse.

Chapters (8)
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Comments ( 134 )

Woohoo! You did it!

Too tired, will read later, after I wake up.

Now, this is quite interesting. Let's see where this ends up.

soul eater displaced?
(remember, some Weapons can create more than one blade, so go wild, sword claws, wings, e.t.c)

No matter how many fics I read, ponies are always racist, and Rainbow's always an idiot.

*Hasn't learned anything about Soul Eater before*
*Doesn't really know anything about it*
*Reads anyway*


Yeah, I was about to say something similar myself. I'm real tired of the cliche of ponies being aggressively xenophobic over misunderstandings. I mean there is a difference between a roaring, aggressive Manticore from S1E2 and just looking different. They didn't attack Steve Magnet (that River Serpent) in the same episode on sight after all.

At least here it's being played off as a thing that ponies do. If I myself was insane enough to need to use the cliche, and I had a protagonist old enough, I'd have them make a remark that ponies would still be attacking each other because they were in different tribes if the Wendigos didn't almost annihilate their race after being driven into a feeding frenzy from the ponies hate and distrust of each other.

Good enough a start. Will track for now. Don't dissappoint me.

Did anyone see the end of the anime whenMaka's weapon blood reveals itself and she creates what is essentially a Blade Lotus? Here is a link to the page.
This is the Link.

I don't know where you're trying to link this from but when you try to open it directly it asks to download something, and that's probably a bad thing. Maybe link the page it's on rather than the image itself.


5884411 (unnecessary reiteration cept it's bigger)MORE!!!!!!!!!!!
So when's she gunna start eating souls hum??

Is the main Chart an OC or something from SoulEater

5910529 i was going to ask the same thing

5891945 I don't...
*chewing sounds*


Knife ya meecha

I haz punz

The Story Of A Living Sword. Huh. Well, Color Me Interested In Reading More When There Is Actually More To Read.

Best Regards,

Very nice beginning; it stands out from the multitude of Displaced fics. Faved and hoping to see more...:pinkiehappy:

A genderbent Soul Eater Displaced... You have my attentions Sir or Madam! And if this story is going to be open to crossovers then you have my interest there as well!

6213272 It will be open to crossovers once I get past the first one. I've just been kind of stuck with all my stories lately.

The displaced crossovers are generally where a half-decent displaced story jumps the shark.

Want to know the best way to get through writers block? Drill or sword, and no, I am not kidding

Pls, no retrospectives. Its so damn boring.

6255627 ... huh?

I don't really understand your comment. I will assume you mean flashbacks, as retrospective as you are using it isn't correct. But that still leaves me confused as any story that is written in past tense would then qualify under what you call boring, since past tense implies the events already occurred much like a flashback does.


Can't tell if pun for this fic... Or just advice...

6258095 Bit of Column A, bit of Column B.

6254929 ...thought it orbital-canons... then again...

My drill well be the drill that well pierce the heavens!!!!!

and all that jazz

6259779 Exactly. Plus, they are perfect for going through walls by their nature!

6259997 along with the ground..........why do i feel like watching killlakill again...?

This is a fairly interesting story, hope the next chapter comes out soon.

It's not really THAT unbelievable or cliche. Lack of religion aside, humans from the middle ages/industrial revolution would have panicked pretty bad if a large unknown predator (lets say a werewolf) were to just walk down the road.

This is the plot. 7 people save the world from an even more demon-y demon. That's really it, everything else is mundane enemies.

Petty vengeance is best vengeance!(You don't even get any jail time!)

The "posing" link didn't work for me? Any other reader had a problem with it?

6454564 didn't work for me either.

And I may wanna cross with this story now that it's open.

6454745 Heh, I would make such a claim myself... if it wasn't for all the current delays I'm already suffering...

Just to be clear, when you say the token looks like the centre skull, does that include the red spikes in the eye and nose sockets?

Trom your link fucked up

Hey, I kinda felt like drawing today and Soul's token just kinda happened. It's not very good, but hey, it's a thing.

Here's a link to the image in my GoogleDrive if you want it, feel free to use it.

6455056 Holy crap man, this is awesome. Thank you so much!


No problem! I've been needing practice with my artwork and this just sort of spoke to me.

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