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I'm a pony playing the trombone. What more do you want? Well, I also write stuff sometimes.

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This is such a drag, but if I don't make these things the purple princess will scold me some more.

As if being sent to a world filled with talking, magic ponies and being turned into a sword wasn't enough, but now I wake up after... who knows how long with holes in my memory. A shame one of those holes wasn't through succubus' chest. I guess I'm kind of lucky one of the ponies has magic that can help me, as long as she doesn't bring her friends around that knocked me off a balcony.

When I find Sunny, we're taking a nice long nap. I'm gonna need it after dealing with all of these nut cases.

A Soul Eater crossover.
Part of the Displaced Multiverse.

Chapters (8)

My name's Allan Rhodes and I'm just your average college student who decides to attend a convention. Only while I'm there, some creepy dude gives me a scroll that sends me to a world full of talking caballos that can do magic and fly! On top of this, some sort of magical do hickeys from a show I haven't seen in years are showing up, and apparently I'm the only one who can keep them out of the wrong hands.

Why the princesses chose me, I will never know.
This is a crossover with Xiaolin Showdown.
Is a Displaced fic.
Coauthor with DJSkywalker
Crossovers so far include:
Gravity of the Situation and Ten Against One by DJSkywalker
A Murder of Crows by Jsyrin

Chapters (21)

Bronze Ember has just begun to get his life back on the right track when disaster strikes again. Now he is forced into a choice: Either he must become the thing he fears most or die the pony he is.

First thing: This contains swear words and Octavia X OC shipping so if either are something you can't stand than stay away

Second thing: I wrote this up so that I could improve on my writing so I ask that if you give it a thumbs down that you also comment why so that I can learn from my mistakes

Chapters (2)
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