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Meet Ben, not to be confused with his cosplay character. He considers himself decent, fun-loving, and strong, but only because it is how he copes with the voices in his mind. Ten other personalities that try to dominate him at every turn. It sent him from psych ward to psych ward, but nothing ever improved. He was under constant watch, despite living off the streets. It was only at school where he ever got any food or proper shelter, though he never gave up hope that one day, his luck would change.

One day, at his first Comic Con, dressed as his favorite TV character, Ben meets a strange fate of falling from his world and into one of Technicolor ponies. The voices were finally gone from his mind, freeing him... or so he thought. Now the voices have their own bodies and still haven't given up tying to control their host. This led to many acts of destruction in this land, landing all of them imprisoned for millennia. Now Ben is free, but so are the voices. With some unlikely friends by his side, can Ben finally tame these monsters, or will they finally succeed in taking what they want?

Rated teen for occasional swearing and sexual references. You have been warned.
Featured on February 17, 2015!

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Please continue! This intrigues me.:twilightsmile:

well, i'd be angry about you not using time to work on Gravity, but this wasn't half bad. i'm going to say this: i wish you'd been working on Gravity of the Situation, but i liked this story too, you have my fav and a like. :twilightsmile:

4665199 I take it you approve of this story? Also, mind if I borrow that?

I've been wondering if someone would do a a Ben 10.
Let's see where this goes.

Saw the image, and read the story. Very interesting.
You chose some aliens that I didn't think someone would choose for something like this. Alien X for example.
And 2 questions for you, will he be able to go Ultimate and will you have Ben and Kat duke it out in the war?

Noting Wrath's speech: I think of Hulk.

Dude, i saw, at least, three more ben 10 crossovers here:

One about Spike get omnitrix - that was cool story but now it's on stasis or something

Second was about Spike, Flutt and RD goes to B10 universe - less intresting that previos (but, still cool)

Third - a shitty crossover where Ben goes to ponyland. Cool idea, but it's writer sucks so much...


Ben10 eh?

I never watched it beyond the first season, but let's see where this goes. :ajsmug:

Now, typical old comic-con-leads-to-insanity-and-ponies there isn't a difference really but the concept from what you said in the description seems interesting.
Continue on.

4667354 Can I have a link to the Spike one?

Didn't make sense at the first channel but I'm glad I waited judgement for the second.

will Ben have the ability to absorb alien DNA like he did in... one of the versions of the show?


Can you make it so Ben gets transformations for all the different races on Equis such as dragons, all 3 types of ponies, griffons, changelings, alicorns, etc? It would be cool for him to make a male alicorn tranformation so that he can god-mode celestia!:pinkiehappy:

Quick! Get Spike greedy again! He's the ponies only hope!

4667354 I had meant a story in either of the leagues

alicorn ben ten... hmm... wonder what color he'd be... green?:rainbowlaugh:

rarity'd have a field day. :raritydespair:

I've seen all the Ben 10-MLP crossovers on this sight, and several of them have been quite good, but unfortunately, those have all gone on hiatus for more than a year. And not that this story is bad, the idea's good and it's well written, but I am so tired of the cosplayer goes evil in Equestria, so while I applaud you for writing about one of my favorite characters of all time, I don't think I can handle another of these.

4668718 Aww!!! How dare I forget about your awesome fic. Sorry. My apologies

4670997 Whoever said he was evil :rainbowhuh:?

Hmm, this seems like its going to be quite the crazy fest. I like it!

You just LOOOOOVE throwing Nyx in, don't cha?


Big Brother

... Oh shit. SOMETHING is gonna hit the fan, whether it's shit, blood, guts, or otherwise. And we're gonna be COVERED in it.

i bet after ghostfreak was purged he controlled Luna making her nightmare moon

You've added Nyx? Well, let's see how you work this

4675476 That's the way it sounds, at least right now.

4675493 Eeyup, there's a freakazoid reference in there too.

First, giant monster dinosaur is a smart British guy,
Then we have Nyx,
Then we have

Big Brother

Not to mention the reference to Understanding, making it likely that Auric might get involved at some point.
Or maybe just Teridax, after all, some of those voices are evil.

Now to wait for you to resolve the damn cliffhanger...

who doesn't like Nyx? if you've never read her story then you wouldn't understand.

4675531 Try this Link

4675576 If you read Pen Stroke's, I've heard that there are other versions which is the cause of all the dislike for her but I've never come across or read them

4675576 And if you love it like me, then you should know that the second printing is available for preorder.

well, i'm not that much of a fan.

A another great story DJ.
Wanted more mlp/Ben 10 crossovers and a LoHaH is a perfect fit"

4675576 Ive read Past Sins. and its awesome! Best story ive ever read. 100 out of 10!

10 against 1
I feel sorry for those 10.

Let me guess fear is gostfreck.

Tia and Lulu will have :applejackconfused::twilightoops::derpyderp2:

Alien X makes Ben OP. Just my opinion. I saw an episode where the universe where Ben had lived before, were destroyed by a bomb thing. Then Alien X created the copy of the whole universe with just standing and did nothing. Then Ben went into a fast food restaurant as like nothing had been happened.

Great chapter. Love the twist with putting Nyx in the story. Is Fear really gone for good like Hum and the others think?

it looked a like a tiger but was standing tall on its hind legs, its beefy chest out with its arms thrown out to the side and its mouth frozen in a roar.

If that's the alien I think it is, than he is my favorite one.

Fear? The only one I can think of is Ghost Freak. I love how you put Nyx in the story, second story I've read to do that, and Big Brother? This outta be good.
EDIT: Just now remembered the other story I was talking about was your's, I've yet to read Past Sin's I believe it was called, I plan on it, I just have a short attention span unless it's something that really interests me.(ADHD)

Will Nyx have the memories of Ben that Luna had at the time? And was NMM in this verse created by "Fear" (Ghostfreak?)? Will Nyx be the vessel for Fear and have his memories too? Will you join the "War of Understanding"? (Please?!?!?)
Find out next time on Dragon Bal...... Oops!!!
Hip Hip Hooray for Nyx!!!!!!:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile: (Still haven't read Past Sins yet!!!):pinkiegasp:

I have to say that this works ive read so many cosplay related stories that just did not work because they promised something but then forgot that promise and followed the bandwagon yours works because it gave us a setting and likeable characters kind of like big red only with more chapters still good work and i look forward to the next chapter

Oh, and here I was hoping that he would be on Teridax's side. Oh well.

Erm...League of Humans Acting Heroic, the Heroes will Be Heroes section. There is no way he'd work with Teridax who is a flat out villain.

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