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I am approximately 3 seconds away from wreaking havoc on my undergarments.

Why I follow people.

So since i get asked this every now and then, im going to try to post this on my page.

Anyway, i have this policy, where if someone falls under a few categories i follow them.
1. If i like their name, or their picture.
2. If they seem like a swell person, whether it be from blog post or comments ive seen.
3. If their stories catch my eye when i read them.
4. Anything else that i find enjoyable, whether it be from other websites or me knowing them

So those are currently the reason(s) I follow people. If you are curious what you may fall under just ask me and I will tell you as soon as I can.

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Thank you for the favorite and the following

Thanks for adding Written Letters to your favorites! :pinkiehappy: :twilightsmile:

Thank you for the follow. out of curiosity which one of my stories prompted you to push the follow button and what did you like best about it?

Thanks for the follow, my dude.

For you, it would be categories 1, specifically your picture, and 3, your story by the name of Who We Are in the Dark.

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