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Im here if anyone wants to ever just talk. · 4:32pm Jun 8th, 2017

So after spending 20 minutes of trying to make a blog, im just gonna post this here.

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Why I follow people.

So since i get asked this every now and then, im going to try to post this on my page.

Anyway, i have this policy, where if someone falls under a few categories i follow them.
1. If i like their name, or their picture.
2. If they seem like a swell person, whether it be from blog post or comments ive seen.
3. If their stories catch my eye when i read them.
4. Anything else that i find enjoyable, whether it be from other websites or me knowing them

So those are currently the reason(s) I follow people. If you are curious what you may fall under just ask me and I will tell you as soon as I can.

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Hey there! Thanks for the Favs!

Hello! Thanks for adding The Amulet of Shades to your favorite list. Much more to come!

Thanks for the favorite on Errand, Errant! Glad you enjoyed the story!

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The way to beat the game is pretty simple.
Start off talk to trixie and become a unicorn, walk east get the ball, then go to the train station, get the wine.
Go to Twilight's house, but tell her you're busy.
Re enter her house, but do not talk to her, instead read the open book twice.
Leave and go back to where trixie was, talk to applejack she says there is a rock in the way,
blow up the rock with your newly aquired spell.
Go ahead to the cutie mark crusader house, see a short cutscene then go talk to applejack
She will make you do a challenge, succeed three times and then she will have sex with you.
Applejack GET.
It is now night time, go to DJ Pon3's place and steal the key from behind the record, walk inside the house do drugs and fuck.
Vinyl Scratch GET.
Daytime again, switch to pegasus. Go back to Applejack and repeat her challenge until you have 60 bits.
Go to the store, get the ball wrapped then go upstairs and leave the gift behind.
Come back down, take your money and buy a muffin.
Eat the muffin learn a spell.
Go to the treehouse and talk to twilight, this will initiate a scene with spike. Fly up to him and he tells you he needs a vacation from Twilight. Go down get the ticket and come back. Give him the ticket and he will tell you to meet him again at night time.
Nothing left to do today so go down to where trixie is, and fly up to see Rainbow Dash, race her.
If you win, you have sex, simple enough.
If you succeeded, Rainbow Dash GET.
It's night time, go see what spike wanted.
He opens Twilight's window, you jump down and you are rewarded with some Hot Sparkle loving.
Twilight Sparkle GET.
It's day now, so switch back to unicorn.
Go to where you left the gift behind, Pinkie Pie will attack you
She has sex with you as thanks for giving her a surprise gift.
Pinkie Pie GET.
It's now the final night, go see trixie who is sleeping, break her shield then switch to sheild breaker B.
Shoot her across the field with your cum and then enjoy the proper ending.

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