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6 Helpers needed for "Untamed" to continue · 2:47am Jun 2nd, 2013

I've been meditating on the path Untamed will take, and I've got the entire plotline figured out, but I need six of you to step up and help me out with something crucial. It will reveal something that occurs in the next chapter, so it has some spoilers if you apply to help, but this discussion will mostly serve to decide how the story plays out rather than the story itself.

The first six of you to comment below can participate via some private messages I will be sending out to you.

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Is it just me, or did someone change the profile picture?

I'm always amazed that, even after all this time, there is someone still logging into this account.

I always wonder who it is.

Is it Ink Stroke or his brother? Does someone else have it by chance? Or is it a machine that logs in and out for some unknown reason?

Does the person come here to see if people are still reading Ink Stroke's work? Or do they check in simply to check in?

I've always wondered when this account will log in for the last time.

Regardless of all that.

I hope the person behind this account, from back in 2013 to now, is doing well.

........."What Hath God Wrought"

How have you been old friend?

Be well.

  • Viewing 84 - 88 of 88
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