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Hello fellow ponies, welcome to my corner of fimfiction. My names Frostfire and i write action & adventure stories with a bit of romance in them sometimes. hope you enjoy them and blessings from Luna.


Sudden Absence, (Explained) · 10:33pm February 14th

To all my followers and fellow readers, I'm sorry for the sudden and long leave of absence. I had originally planned to have the next chapters to both my stories, A Wish That Could Be and SpikesXLuna the Sequel completed in September of last year but i made some changes to my schedule as i have a job which took time away from my writing. then the holidays

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oh man....im sorry its been to long....

276696 thanks dude i always appreciate good comments like that. you sound like a swell person yourself

You seems really cool

read this story !!! if you want...... it would be ok....... http://www.fimfiction.net/story/60263/4

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