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I'm a guy who gets bored at work and writes about ponies. Sometimes it's clop, sometimes it's action and adventure. Hopefully I'm not terrible at it. Rarity is best pone.


Spoilers: I'm not dead · 7:57am Dec 7th, 2017

So this has been a fun week.

In my last post I said I was being kept in the hospital to monitor my heart for some unknown abnormality, in addition to a possibly broken foot due to passing out thanks to severe dehydration from a particularly nasty flu.

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Best Main 6 Horse.

_____We can only hope.

I saw that. I hope it stays that way, because refusing to allow image hosting on an image hosting site was freaking stupid.

_____So imgur images appear to not be broken anymore. For now.


Well, to say i like it is more of an understatement. In my opinion, this is one of the better works on FimFic (my personal favourites are on my user profile, not that anyone ever bothers to look at it but still...). And a big story? Yes please! Don't get me wrong, i also like shorter stories. But the thing for me is i am quite fond of long stories. How i see it is that in a longer story it is possible to create a whole other universe without skipping alot of the details. I think you are doing an amazing job writing JbtD. The way you have created that universe, it feels so real. And not to forget the surprises that will appear here and there like Tracio's beserker mode are also a very nice touch.

I hope you managed to actually understand some of this banter... :twilightblush:

P.S I love that you are still writing this and updating frequently! Too many good stories have been abandoned. :fluttercry:


  • Viewing 112 - 116 of 116
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