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heads up on those links. his bin doesnt have bittersweet and the archive link was taken down as the site was moved to here and can't find his work there. guess he removed them?

I vaguely remember there being a clean version of Our Last Goodbye. Do you (or anyone else) have it?

(Edit: His stories are on Fimfetch now and it's not included, so maybe my memory is just wrong.)

With RagingSemi being one of my favorite authors before I started writing, and one of my greatest inspirations to do so, I think I owe it to any former fans of his work to explain what happened.

From what I could gather when he posted on fimchan (or mlpchan, I can't remember) RagingSemi left because of an issue he had with the mods, mostly. His issue was that of the character tags. He said that being required to tag certain characters, or tag the entire story to entire genres like tragedy or slice of life ruined the experience of them. He wanted readers to go into it blind and have the wonder of finding out what happened next or what character would pop up organically, rather than finding these things out from the character tags or story tags from the main story page.

Whether he got into an argument or a mod or not is beyond me, but he also cited the userbase as another reason why he left. This might be a reason why he took his stories down from this site, not wanting people to argue among each other or have to see opinions from people he disliked on his stories. At any rate, all this piled up to him not wanting to post here any more.

For those of you who want to find his stories, you can either find them at his pastebin here or here on ponyfictionarchive.

Just so anyone coming by has a chance to see it before it gets lost on the second page.

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Not all of his stories are on Explicit PFA; the cleaner ones are at the regular PFA. There also seem to be some that are only on his Pastebin; and some that aren't in either place.

Epiphany (epilogue to Severing; apparently abandoned)
Expectation (prequel to Severing)
Pinkie Pie's Lost Episode
Still missing: HER

(Edited with additional links.)

Works for me currently.

Is Pony Fiction Archive down?

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