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What a beautiful Sunset.


September Update · 3:24am October 1st

Time sure does fly, doesn't it? This time last year I succeeded in completing an entire month of writing every single day. Didn't manage to do that this year, unfortunately, but it wasn't a completely lost month. Next month kind of has to be different though. I actaully hit a milestone on patreon and now have to provide at least 10k a month as promised, so look forward to that, I suppose. Have some Sunset before I bitch about life after the break.

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Happy Sunset Shimmer Day!/Appreciation Post #4352 · 12:51am Sep 23rd, 2017

Well it's Sunset Shimmer day yet again, and what better way to give her as much love as possible than to showcase her most beautiful art? Also, I wrote a new story to celebrate the event, and you should go check it out.

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If you've done something like this or know someone who has, be sure to let me know so I can add that up here too!

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Fair enough.

Tea. I hate coffee.

Tea or coffee?

"little stars" most definitely. It's so adorable and heart warming. I absolutely love fatherly stuff like that. Also the first ever story I've read to make me shed a tear. Wonderful stuff all around. "Scratch one off" is a close second. Keep up the great work!:twilightsmile:

Thanks for reading! Which was your favorite?

New Fave author on this site! wonderful stories! :twilightsmile:

Happy Birthday

I was looking through your stories because I always look through authors to see if I have any fics I've read in the past that aren't in my libraries. I noticed that I've favorited a lot of your fics over the years without realizing it. So alright, I'll bite. Congratulations on your 2000th follower :pinkiehappy:

Well she is the best human/3rd best pony (nopony beats Sparky and Moonbutt). How could you not like her?


Just "liking" her is probably the biggest understatement ever.

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