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What a beautiful Sunset.


Revival Update? - It's My Birthday (The same day as Pinkie's?) · 8:43pm May 3rd

Oh boy has it been a long while. How many of you guys are still here?

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Comment posted by MABfan11 deleted August 21st

I'm happy that it made a difference for you. The world could always use more EQG stuff and your stories definitely brought some more depth to the Dazzlings. If you ever need any help with any more be sure to let me know as I'd be glad to be a part of it again.

Also don't worry about not checking in as often, I'm pretty terrible about it too. Better late than never, right?

I was re-reading my first story here today and came across your novel-length comment offering critique. Re-read all of that as well. I just want to say "thank you" again for that. It really propelled my aptitude for this stuff to a new level. And all of your help with the later Aria fic enhanced that even more. Really appreciate you, man, and regret not saying so and checking in more often.

Idk if I mentioned it being true, hard to remember what I said to who, but in case I haven’t, just want to say I love your stories, think you do a great job, and wish you all the best

Comment posted by 21 KM To Nerdiness deleted June 10th

Happy Easter of the Christ :D

God loves you, now and forever.

Hey there! I really enjoy your Sunset Shimmer fanfiction, as well as your drawings! By any chance, is there a place where you post all of your artwork? I've been is a sort of slump writing stuff, and I always found that browsing through artwork, I can find one that I can make a story out of. Your artwork would be perfect for a Sunset Shimmer story that I have been planning on writing for awhile now!

  • Viewing 289 - 298 of 298
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