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What a beautiful Sunset.


???? Update - It's My Birthday · 2:40am May 4th

I have lost track of fimfic almost entirely these days. Life has a funny way of dragging your focus away without you noticing. I'll give some updates after the break.

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Happy Easter of the Christ :D

God loves you, now and forever.

Hey there! I really enjoy your Sunset Shimmer fanfiction, as well as your drawings! By any chance, is there a place where you post all of your artwork? I've been is a sort of slump writing stuff, and I always found that browsing through artwork, I can find one that I can make a story out of. Your artwork would be perfect for a Sunset Shimmer story that I have been planning on writing for awhile now!

Yeah I'm still writing. The winter has just been somewhat of a slump.

Was curious you gonna make stories? :moustache:

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Comment posted by Tyler_blovin deleted February 26th
  • Viewing 281 - 290 of 290
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