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What a beautiful Sunset.

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Demon Sunset Appreciation Post · 3:53pm Mar 14th, 2019

Because why not.

I have a thing for demon girls. I also definitely have a thing for Sunset. So... why not both? There's definitely not a lot of Demon Sunset love out there, mostly because her design in the movie wasn't that attractive. But hey, here are some cuter renditions instead.

If you want the source just click on the pic and it'll send you to the derpi page.

Comments ( 10 )

Now if only there were a bunch of quality fics to match the quality art...

It would be funny if Sunset Satan was like an alternative ego for Sunset when she got mad...one could even call it her


DEVIL TRIGGER!!! 😈🤣😈🤣😈🤣😈

The goddess requires a tribute.

My kamen rider senses are tingling

That second one, best one by far

Her theme song?

Big fan of your Sunset fanfics, BTW....

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