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Weaver of stories of action, drama, love, sex and a loyal knight of the Sunset Empire! Hail to the phoenix empress! Sunlight & Sundagio are # 1

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Hello, i love the first chapter of "you're my sunlight" but this story his on hiatus for a long time, now.

Can I help you to finish, please ?

Huh, it says you had 22 stories but I can only see 3 of them? Did some jerk report all the other ones? :(

heh. sorry about him. he is a crazy stalker.

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Love Month: Ship Story Time · 9:06pm February 1st

I've been trying to get back into the swing of things but it's just been constant work but I feel the month of love is probably a good a time as any to try and come back. SO which ship would ya'll like me to focus on the MOST. The ship with the most comments wins.

1. Adagio x Sunset

2. Sunset x Sci-Twi(Princess Twi for Twi-Angel? maybe)

3. Adagio x Rarity

4. Pinkie x Sunset